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07 March, 2010

Missed the Paperific Show!

I'm so disappointed that the weather messed up the Paperific show in Flemington. A major storm hit Melbourne last night with hail stones as big as lemons, according to the weather bureau. The damage was huge in many areas and the TV news footage was quite extraordinary. So sorry about the amount of damage and the lost business that many of the exhibitors must have sustained. How heart-breaking to have gorgeous art and craft papers damp and warped, and whatever other damage to stock as well.

I am very miffed about it after missing two or three shows last year when I moved house. Today I was really looking forward to a day out, a day of creative recharge, and seeing my mate Jeanette Trappett from the Stamp Trap. Happy to have had a good yarn on the phone with Jeanette this morning and then wait for the next show in May.

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