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29 June, 2010

Are We Getting Lazy?

I was wandering around my local craft shop on Sunday afternoon. They have lovely stuff, and have a huge stock of papers of all kinds. I get lots of ideas as well as stuff to take away.

And I was thinking too, about the lure of lovely stuff and how immediately appealing it is, but I think it makes me lazy. I notice in magazines, blogs, and web sites that the cards which are my particular interest, are getting to be more and more the same. When I tease out why I'm bored with so much of it, I find it's because everyone has elements made with commercial prints, Cuttlebugs, Slices, Nesties, you name it and they all look so similar. And as an aside, I'm really tired of kiddy cards and cards that drown in layers of complex junk. I'd love to find more grown-up art work that is fresh and beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, I love tools and machines and I've got four well-eqipped workshops - woodwork, garden, kitchen and studio workshops. There are some tools that are must-have, and then others that are not essential but make life easier and efficient. So what's missing? Technique and imagination.

So my challenge just now is to make my cards with my own prints - minimal designer papers except my own, no stickers, very little bling, very little ribbon. I'll use my own photos at times, and plenty of stamps as an art printing process. This feels more like it, and it's a great day for being indoors - cold, wet and windy outside. And time for coffee.

Happy days,