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30 September, 2010

Exploring Poppies

I've been exploring one of my favourite stamps, "Poppies" by Stamp-It in WA. Here are the experiements on tags which will go in the journal with notes. A while ago, Amy on the Scrapbook Lounge asked me to send some photos of my journal to the group, so I guess it would be good to put a couple here as well.

On the left is my art journal. The poppy series in the making.

The Office Manager is hungry and has come to sit on my lap, purring like a motor boat. It makes typing VERY difficult indeed. Ho hum! I might just feed her, and have a little pre-dinner drink myself.

18 September, 2010

Paperific was expensive!!!

Went to Paperific at the Show Grounds, having stayed at Suzy W's overnight which made things so much easier. Thankful for that.

I bought a Gazelle die cutting machine which runs from the computer rather than from cartridges that are a contunuing expense. Mind you, I will need to do a heap of die cuts to make up the cost of the machine. It will be interesting to see how it goes - whether connecting to the computer all the time will take up space and time I don't want to spend.