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30 November, 2010

WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

I've never joined this WOYWW Group but it's very active and I do enjoy looking at other folks' messy desks. Of course, they aren't always so, and neither is everyone a messy worker but there are enough of us to make me more comfortable with the creative frenzy that awakens the Angel of Mess.

Very tasteful...complete with revolting purple cushion but I love this space.
The Wednesday photo record is also a great way to keep some sense of the passage of time and what I do in this space. It's as though the trail of paper drawers, tools, and materials is a map of today's activity. I'm amused to survey it as it reaches way beyond the confines of my desk to the table, the computer desk, the open desk drawers, the photocopier, the floor - anything that is reasonably horizontal.

I think levitation would be a great skill to develop.

13 November, 2010

Airbrushing a Card

I really enjoyed the simplicity and nice effect for this birthday card for my Brother. The stamp design is Judikins "Machines" - Da Vinci of course, and I used Copic pens with the Airbrush System to blend the light blues and greens for the background with a masked border. .

The image is printed on plain mat card with India Ink stamping ink, mounted onto light metallic blue matt, and then finally attached to white gold card stock. Using Judikins Diamond Glaze, I high-lighted one part of the machinery (top left) to make a small feature.

Inside I printed and embossed 'Happy Birthday', then airbrushed my 'made by...' insignia on the back using a brass stencil and clear laser printer label. It was fun to do, and the blending of colour is intriguing and a bit different from other blending techniques.


Making Bread on a Rainy Afternoon

I love making bread. I've got it to a fine art in the last year since I bought a Kitchen Aid. I use organic bread flour, and the dough hook for the main mixing then knead by hand for a bit. Today I made two loaves in 1 litre tins, one using wholemeal cake flour to make a soft loaf for a family member whose dental difficulties make crusts a problem just now. The other one is for me, made with strong wholemeal bread flour, two tablespoons of gluten flour, and a soft seed mix which is delicious.

Two loaves and a couple of rolls besides.
We had 28 mm rain in 24 hours to 9 o'clock this morning, and more rain throughout the day. Gorgeous.

06 November, 2010

Copic Colour and Sparmax Compressor

Here is the lovely new Copic Airbrush System (ABS) with compressor and some of my early learning and experiementing. I'll post more examples soon.

Some seaside themes with Copic shaded colour combined with stamps.
As you can see in the photo, I have used combinations of Post-it notes and Judikins Eclipse paper for the masking. Also found repositionable tape very useful to stop the card stock flying away.

05 November, 2010

Another Poppy

I made this birthday card for a friend who's just turned 65. Now that's scary because I'm not far behind.

Here are the details.  I stamped 'Poppies' in black StazOn ink on gloss card. To apply colour, I used a Colorbox blending stylus and the Picture stamps applicator for shading the edges; the inks were Colorbox chalks olive greens and pink-ish red.

The Poppies are mounted on a dark red metallic card matt.

Bow made of striped Japanese paper – loops created first, held with double-sided tape then tied with fine string in the centre.  A strip of paper covers the string to become the knot of the bow. Strip of same paper placed across one corner and fixed with DS tape to the back of the red matt. The bow is fixed with Diamond Glaze, then the whole mounted on a second matt of olive green and finally placed on Ice Gold card stock.

Inside ‘Happy Birthday’ embossed with Judikins Cabernet Sparkle.

03 November, 2010

The Next Step with Copic Pens

I've been using Copic pens for a long time for writing flip charts, and more recently for colouring my stamping. Then I discovered the Air Brush System (ABS) which runs on little compressed air cans. I was hooked on air-brushing with the great effects, minimal mess of mixing little pots of paint and then cleaning up. Even though it seems mad to buy Air in cans, I tried it to see if I liked it. The The air cans run out in no time, and I decided I could build a new studio with empty air cans, and pretty soon have paid for the compressor...

This is the Sparmax AC-100 which comes with coiled hose.

Next step, purchase the compressor. At the last Paperific Show, I met the right woman, Sammi at Mad for Markers. Ordering the compressor and some refills was a dream run with  her, and I'm pleased as punch with this little purring machine. It supplies me with endless air which I can use with Copic inks AND chase alcohol inks around gloss card for appealing splashes of colour.

The learning curve has just headed north again. :-)

Happy days