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13 November, 2010

Making Bread on a Rainy Afternoon

I love making bread. I've got it to a fine art in the last year since I bought a Kitchen Aid. I use organic bread flour, and the dough hook for the main mixing then knead by hand for a bit. Today I made two loaves in 1 litre tins, one using wholemeal cake flour to make a soft loaf for a family member whose dental difficulties make crusts a problem just now. The other one is for me, made with strong wholemeal bread flour, two tablespoons of gluten flour, and a soft seed mix which is delicious.

Two loaves and a couple of rolls besides.
We had 28 mm rain in 24 hours to 9 o'clock this morning, and more rain throughout the day. Gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

looking so good. I must try making bread myself; my late hubby used to like making it for us. Have you a favourite recipe to share?