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03 November, 2010

The Next Step with Copic Pens

I've been using Copic pens for a long time for writing flip charts, and more recently for colouring my stamping. Then I discovered the Air Brush System (ABS) which runs on little compressed air cans. I was hooked on air-brushing with the great effects, minimal mess of mixing little pots of paint and then cleaning up. Even though it seems mad to buy Air in cans, I tried it to see if I liked it. The The air cans run out in no time, and I decided I could build a new studio with empty air cans, and pretty soon have paid for the compressor...

This is the Sparmax AC-100 which comes with coiled hose.

Next step, purchase the compressor. At the last Paperific Show, I met the right woman, Sammi at Mad for Markers. Ordering the compressor and some refills was a dream run with  her, and I'm pleased as punch with this little purring machine. It supplies me with endless air which I can use with Copic inks AND chase alcohol inks around gloss card for appealing splashes of colour.

The learning curve has just headed north again. :-)

Happy days

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