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13 November, 2010

Airbrushing a Card

I really enjoyed the simplicity and nice effect for this birthday card for my Brother. The stamp design is Judikins "Machines" - Da Vinci of course, and I used Copic pens with the Airbrush System to blend the light blues and greens for the background with a masked border. .

The image is printed on plain mat card with India Ink stamping ink, mounted onto light metallic blue matt, and then finally attached to white gold card stock. Using Judikins Diamond Glaze, I high-lighted one part of the machinery (top left) to make a small feature.

Inside I printed and embossed 'Happy Birthday', then airbrushed my 'made by...' insignia on the back using a brass stencil and clear laser printer label. It was fun to do, and the blending of colour is intriguing and a bit different from other blending techniques.


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Carole Meisenhelter said...

ah! now I remember Ros' this is where I found you; we share a love of cardmaking too! I've not tried the Copics but certainly love the effects; what fun enablers! Oh and you have a Bind-it-all label I see; much more to explore on your blog still.....