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30 December, 2010

Air brushing Gift Wrap

I experimented with using the negatives left from die-cutting as stencils for air-brushing. These die-cuts were the tree and the fence from the Tim Holtz collection. I used a fairly big sheet of (cheap) dull gold paper from a large roll that I bought a year ago at the Newsagent.

A piece of the paper that I salvaged from the recycle bin after Christmas
I did nothing special to hold them in place except spray my fingers a fair bit, and I changed the Copic pens quite often to create a soft riot of colour. It was great fun, and when presented as a gift, looked quite sensational... though I say so myself. 

24 December, 2010

Another Christmas Card

I had an idea for a Christmas card with a seaside theme since I live close to the beach. The idea revolved around my fairly new compressor and airbrush system that is used with Copic Markers. For those who don't know these pens, they are alcohol based ink pens with nibs at both ends, one a chunky wedge and the other a fine fibre point. They come in a range of wonderful colours and work beautifully on gloss card as well as matt. This is what I came up with.

Seagull with stylised yacht in background
I have a seagull stamp by Inkadinkadoo and after lots of experimenting, decided the best way to go was to stamp it on Ice Gold card with Memento Black Tuxedo. Memento is good to use with alcohol inks and so is the Ice Gold which makes the inks look as though they have mica in them.

To airbrush the yacht design onto the card, I found some pictures of yachts and made a stylised outline which I then cut out to make two masks. I used two masks so that the two sails would overlap as though the sun is shining through them. I used Eclipse paper from Judikins to make the masks. Working on a table outside, I sprayed Copic inks onto the card using about six colours. Each one is edged with either Krylon Red Shimmer, or blue Marvy Metallic pen.

The seagull piece is mounted on turquoise metallic card, and then on plain white card stock. Inside. the Greeting is gold embossed. I almost feel as though I have rediscovered gold embossing and the fascination of watching the letters shine as they melt and stand out on the card. There's a child in me that never tires of that magic. On the back of the card, I airbrushed a seahorse using a little brass stencil of sea creatures. I blocked off the other patterns with florist tape and placed a large 250 gsm mask over the whole stencil to make it easier and quicker to handle. It draws some attention to the "Made by" sticker.

Working note: After a few pictures are completed, the tacky side of the Eclipse paper loses its grip, so I sprayed it with re-positionable glue recommended for quilting which extended the life of the mask quite considerably.

Seasons greetings to all,

17 December, 2010

Finally, the Christmas Card

After lots of trial and error, and protesting against snow crystals and pine trees which are so out of place in this country, I settled on Maiden Hair Fern. It's delicate and green, a native fern, and very decorative.

Maiden Hair fern for Aussie Christmas cards.
I used a good clay surfaced gloss card (The Stamp Trap) with Colorbox chalk inks. The background is burnt sienna applied with a Judikins colour duster brush. I love the effect that's possible with these little 'shaving' brushes. When dry, the chalks need polishing before the next application.

I stamped the Maiden Hair fern (Amazing Creations) twice with Aquamarine and twice with Ice Jade. Once they are dry, they are again polished and came up in lovely shadowy greens. Finally, the central fern was stamped with Versamark and embossed with either copper or verdigris embossing powder.

This feature is mounted on a green metallic card matt and top-centred on white card stock.

On some cards, I created a paper ribbon with Christmas paper and added a bow made of the same paper similar to the one I made with the poppy stamp.

I'm happy with these and made about thirty over the last 3 or 4 days, but I also have a seaside theme in mind too. Working on that this afternoon. My next trick will be to actually write the cards and mail them.

Hope you're getting close to organised for the Christmas and New Year week...can't say I am!!

Discovery in Town.

I went up to town yesterday and discovered two things. Firstly, I suddenly decided that I would REEELLY like an After a long time of thinking about it and much prevarication, I went and bought one. I'm writing this with it. :-) Very cool tool. The up-front usage is easy, and transferrable from the iPod however there's a lot 'waiting in the wings' with the various applications that are available. Great expectations.

Secondly, I found that my friend Jenny at the (not so local these days) craft shop, has a blog. I do regard myself as a new chum with blogging here so it was nice to find her lovely work especially in the world of Copic markers.

11 December, 2010

Oskar's birthday - double figures.

I used three cat stamps, one rubber and two clear that came in a little $4 set called 'Kitten Kaboodle'. My card stock was ice gold and then I used matt white and metallic red card for the feature and matt. The red paper with stars was die-cut for the all important '10'.  The embossing powders were from Stamp World and Judikins, chalk inks are Colorbox, and to finish the edges, a Krylon gold leaf pen.

From left to right are the three family cats; Miso is gold embossed, Soba is black, and Saki is copper to match their colouring. I cropped Miso’s tail as in real life. The idea worked well except that Saki is not as pretty as in real life.

The background is worked with a combination of chalks and DI with daubers and brushes. 

Note: the nib of the gold leaf pen has worn after all this time – two years at least – so I changed it to good effect. Great to have some spares in the cupboard, and even better to have them in a labelled box.

The Family Cats

The ‘10’ is cut using the Slice which works well at slow speed and on 100/120 GSM paper but nothing thicker. I put the numbers through the Xyron sticker machine and applied them to yellow-buff paper. Using tweezers and a ruler is the best way to assemble such things accurately. Rounded the corners with ¼ “ punch and applied gold leaf pen.

Inside, the card is stamped & embossed ‘Happy Birthday’ with Judikins ‘Cabernet Twinkle’ EP. Didn’t bother with the ‘Made by’ sticker.

I think he liked the card - he loves the cats like crazy, and he came back to claim the card  :-)