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17 December, 2010

Discovery in Town.

I went up to town yesterday and discovered two things. Firstly, I suddenly decided that I would REEELLY like an After a long time of thinking about it and much prevarication, I went and bought one. I'm writing this with it. :-) Very cool tool. The up-front usage is easy, and transferrable from the iPod however there's a lot 'waiting in the wings' with the various applications that are available. Great expectations.

Secondly, I found that my friend Jenny at the (not so local these days) craft shop, has a blog. I do regard myself as a new chum with blogging here so it was nice to find her lovely work especially in the world of Copic markers.

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Carole Meisenhelter said...

lucky girl Ros' - I'm still coming to terms with using my laptop. It just seems too easy to line up with a coffee at the desktop instead. Note to self: get out the laptop and get used to it, and you might get to love it.