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08 January, 2011

Mess Ain't Mess

I've decided that the Angel of Mess really reigns supreme in other parts of my life such as the garage rather than in my art room. The apparent disorganization is really very well arranged for the work of the moment and I know where everything is. Since looking at WOYWW desks, I've decided it's not mess, but detail that ebbs and flows with each project. When there are three overlapping projects, it reminds me of a Venn diagram in which the overlap might be a source of new ideas. Tertia's desk has given life to these reflections.

I think we do ourselves a disservice to give the work space bad press. Of course, all of life is pretty disorderly, i.e. unpredictable, and my desk is merely an unpredictable landscape to my visitors. What adventures this group offers!

Keep the landscape changing,


Jenny said...

I totally agree - now if we could just convince my partner when he is trying to find a pen on my desk. LOL jen

RosA said...

Hi RosC,
I'm not sure how to reply to comments on my blog so I will answer your question here. I didn't use any resist technique, just ordinary stamp with ordinary ink pad on ordinary white card. I'm thrilled to think it looks more complicated! RosA

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Love your changing landscape - it appears well organized to me. So much luscious creativity. Don't worry about clutter, you know where things are and that's what is important.