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19 January, 2011

The Singers Festival

Home from the Singers Festival which was WONderful! It was full of up-lifting music, hectic, and very sociable. There were about 150 people from all over the State who attended special workshops and concerts. In between times we had lovely meals, great coffee and conversation about our best sessions in local cafes. Some people were challenged by flood waters on the way there and I heard some interesting tales about the lengthy detours to get there.

Most exciting for me was a couple of workshops with the women who will direct the 2011 Melbourne Millennium Chorus. This is an annual Winter event when 300+ people form a community choir. They rehearse the program designed by the directors for that year for ten weeks and then give three concerts in town. It's a stupendous experience - my first time last year. These women work hard to make beautiful noise; they are skilled and exacting so I hope to learn a lot and have great fun.

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