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22 January, 2011

Speaking of Storage...

I find the posts about storage really interesting so I hope this is of interest to you.

At the right hand end of my desk, being a right-hander, this little set of shallow drawers is invaluable for my small tools. When I picked it up for $25 at a wholesale art supplies store, it was labelled for pastels, but is very suitable for all my small tools. 

The drawers have compartments and the top two are quite shallow - knives, cutters, punches, tweezers, various pencils, pens and brushes. In the bottom drawer which is deeper, I keep slightly bulkier things such as scissors, paper folder, short rulers, and things for poking and roughening.

On the top I put the quick-grab things relevant to the project such as the stamping buddy, Krylon gold leaf pen, embossing tray, glue stick and brayer.



Carole Meisenhelter said...

I will be looking at making some kind of changes on my workbench too. It seems I have too much sitting up there and I like clean lines! That's asking for too much I know. Your slim-line drawers is a great idea for those things you need to see and be able to pick up at a glance Ros'.

Vicki B in OP NY said...

This is a great idea for storing those tools that have a tendency to roll around and hide under papers and other spots. Love your solution.
Vicki - A little inkling

RosA said...

Love those shallow drawers! I have so many pencil cases I have to have tag labels on them, which sort of works, but I can't actually see what's in them, of course.