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20 January, 2011

WOYWW Number 85 (and #3 for me)

I'm very late in posting after being away and then nursing a painful low back for a few days. Damn!!!

I took the photo late on Wednesday afternoon, thus the glass of something red that does me good ;-)  If you want to see lots of good workbenches go to Julia's Stamping Ground.

This is really another experiment which I enjoyed and the challenge for me is always to follow through with some finished cards. I love adventures but have to be pretty disciplined to finish a batch.

An exercise in masking and air-brushing

You might notice starting at the top left, The Slice machine with which I die-cut the mask for the exercise. The stencil is on the left cut from a sheet of acetate which I think was the cover from a course booklet that I threw out. There is a can of repositionable glue (dreadful word) to help the stencil stay in place against the onslaught of the air-brush. On the right hand side is my dear little compressor and the Copic pens I used in a variety of greens and then purple for contrast. It's a masking technique exercise rather than an aesthetic creation.

I want to add that this not really a good activity for indoors as I'm sure I've inhaled an unpleasant amount of Copic ink. I usually do this sort of thing outside on the terrace where I have a big table. Noble things are done in the name of art - or silly!  Lol.

Take care,

P.S.  Thank you to those who asked whether I am affected by the floods. No, I'm not happily although I drove through a fair amount of water to get to my Singers Festival but it was passable. I live east of Melbourne in Victoria, and the flood areas are in the Central and North-west of the State.


Jenny said...

I am so jealous of that compresser thingy. I want one!!!!! Try washing away those fumes with another glass of that red stuff - I hear that it works well for all sorts of ailments. Jenny B xoxo

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Ros, when I do stenciling I just use a low tech sponge- no fumes! Patsy from

Carole Meisenhelter said...

good to see you creating and posting Ros. Know about the lower back issues, they're very unforgiving, so take care of you.

sandra de said...

Lovely stencil using your copics. Hope your back settles,
Sandra #66

Ali said...

Oooh love your airbrushing experiment! What a great idea to use the Slice to create acetate masks... might have to have a go at that myself!

Wine and copic fumes... what a combination! ;)

Thanks for sharing.

Ali #74

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, good to hear your back is on the mend. Your stencil is lovely, the colour is really pretty, so it would be nice to see it as part of a finished card :) Thanks for sharing. Regards, Elizabeth #78

MaggieC said...

I love that stencilling, it has given such a beautiful soft effect. That is yet another technique I want to try.

Mrs A. said...

Love the effect you have achieved.
Mrs A. #92

Susan Allan said...

The masking technique worked a treat! What a lovely effect.
Sue xx 67

Suzilou said...

wow love the stencil you made and i would so love one of those airbrushes :)

S said...

I just got my first little set of Copics and now you have me wanting a little compressor of my own. Looking at others' desks is a terrible temptation, isn't it?

RosA said...

Love the airbrushing! I'd like to try that but I think I am already spread too thin at the moment. You've got some lovely effects with it.

Marjo said...

Yummy Copics, there's nothing they can't the right hands that

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10. Happy WOYWW

Debgem said...

What an interesting desk - love your airbrush compressor. It's something I'd like to try! Your exercise stencil looks fab!

Thanks so much for your comment on my desk - the Stamp Catalogue is so useful - I constantly refer to them (I have two). Yes, I know I have too many stamps :)

Minxy said...

Oh you lucky thing to have the copic airbrush, looks like lots of fun, and a great use of your slice too :D
Thanks for visiting me
Happy WOYWW {on fri!}
Minxy #1

okienurse said...

I heard about the airbrush for copics. Stampin up has a bulb spritzer that is similar but I don't think the coverage is that good. I love stamping.

Nicky said...

Love the effect you have done with your airbrush - hope the glass of red stuff helped wash away the fumes ~ Nicky 24

SueH said...

I’ve nerve tried air brushing but love the look of your piece. It may be something to my ‘Got To Try’ list.

Hope you’re still safe from all that water because I notice on our news they are mentioning Victoria when broadcasting about the floods now.

Stay safe

RosC said...

Thank you everyone who asked about the floods. The flood waters are a long way from where I'm situated on the coast near Melbourne. The river systems in the central and north west districts of the State are the ones creating mayhem. If you have an altas, they are mostly inland rivers that flow into the Murray R. The area is very familiar to me. It's lovely country but tough to farm because of these extremes. Thank goodness they are so resilient and inventive and thanks for your kind thoughts.

Tertia said...

I am so jealous over that airbrush! Wish I could buy one here in South Africa, but NOOOO not enough interest, say the importer of all things Copic.
Glad to hear you were not affected by the floods.
Tertia 110