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21 February, 2011

Glamour Garlic

I ordered a box of garlic from Patrice Newell who is a farmer in the Hunter Valley in NSW. She produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil which we refer to as EVOO with the Australian penchant for shortening things. ;-) She also produces garlic, honey, soap made from the last two ingredients, and beef. I really love her story of commitment and excellence. If you feel inclined, have a little trip to her web site about Elmswood Farm.

The garlic arrived in a lovely lavender box with the purple garlic corms nestled into wood shavings.

Glamour Garlic
She says in the accompanying note, "Glamour Garlic might sound funny but it's an old-time hardneck variety. You'll find the flavour is more than just 'hot'." Well it's great. I roasted a boned leg of lamb last night with a great sprig of rosemary threaded through the middle. I cut the top off a whole corm of garlic, drizzled some EVOO over it, and let it roast beside the lamb for 45 minutes. It was all soft and caramelised and delicious. Oh yum! Mind you, gotta love garlic!

Oh, and I bought some soap too, and one her books that I haven't read. Hope you find this little jaunt interesting. I'm so thrilled with this beautiful produce that hasn't been bleached or refined or vacuum-packed for my protection. I'm keen on the farm gate to table idea and farmers' markets.

Yours as ever,


Carola Bartz said...

I love garlic!! What would the world be without it. This one looks exceptionally yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks good enough to eat!! Love garlic in this house too! And I agree with you about farmers markets and farm fresh produce, not of that supermarket junk for us either!

Thanks for telling me about violets, I never knew that, very interesting to know though.


Carole Meisenhelter said...

clever marketing; colour-coded box to match the garlic cloves; love it! Mmmm I can smell your roast cooking away; it must've been the best meal. Hunter Valley an hour from me....