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21 February, 2011

My First Ever Blog Award

My award from Elizabeth over at Silver Scrapper's Craft Space is a huge surprise! I'm very chuffed and have enjoyed our connection through WOYWW. Thank you so much Elizabeth.

This is a first for me so I'm thankful for your pointers, Elizabeth. Next thing is to publish some random things about moi-meme, here the top of my head.
  • I loved diving when I was younger and fitter, and it's one of my most cherished memories. The world under the sea is beautiful and it concerns me quite often that we think we can pour nasty stuff into it with impunity.
  • Photography is my life-long fasciation and I've had a camera since I was about eight. My Dad loved photography and took a little Kodak Retina with him to to the Middle East. I loved his black and white photos of ancient places and interesting people. I have little camera in a cabinet.
  • I like gardening and have a vegetable patch and a herb garden. There is also a plum tree, a lemon tree and bay tree. I would love to put in a couple of olives and some raspberry canes.
  • I like designing things - when I was in business, I created all my stationery and course booklets.
  • I'm a collector of books that tell me things or delight the eye, rather than a reader of fiction.
  • I love to travel - have seen a bit of the world and lived in gorgeous Vancouver for three years. In 1997, I drove 22,500 Km around central and norther parts of this country with a tent and a 4WD. It took six months with a rough plan but no time-table. Time without clocks, living under the moon is the best lunacy, five million star accommodation.
  • I love making bread - but you already know that, and I love cooking on the Weber barbecue summer or winter. The only difference that winter makes is I need a mug of mulled wine while I get it going. :-)
  • I live in a mud brick house on half an acre ten minutes from the sea. The garden is in flower somewhere all the year round.
  • Music fuels me and I sing in the local choir which then gives me entre to many music events in Melbourne and surrounding countryside. I used to play the guitar but gave that away when the joints played up. I now have an autoharp, and sundry other things that go toot, whistle, plunk and boom.
My next task is to pass this award to some other Stylish Bloggers which I will do in the next day or so, but for now, I'm eager to acknowledge Elizabeth's interest in my blog.

Thanks again,

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Carole Meisenhelter said...

congratulations on your award Ros'. I have nominated you tonight for yet another; the Liebster blog award :) You lucky girl you! Well done, you deserve all the accolades for a lovely blog site.