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20 February, 2011

The Real Dragonfly

I was pruning the trees along the drive which is quite long - about 60 metres - and spied this lovely creature resting on a leafless twig. I love the beauty of the finely veined wings. I've discovered that dragonflies eat mosquitoes and other insects but how wonderful is this balance of nature. We have so much surface water lying around at the moment that the mosquitoes are breeding a lot and there have been increased instances of Ross River fever. Everything has its checks and balances and we do well to be open to noticing and taking note.

Resting high above me, dragonfly waited for me to get the camera.

I admire too, the technology that allows me to capture this image in such wonderful detail. My small Ricoh camera has a zoom lens that is equivalent to 300mm focal length at full stretch. I love working with the digital SLR but the little 'point & shoot' is very portable and I take it everywhere with me.

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Carole Meisenhelter said...

...aren't they just the most majestic creatures; they are attention-grabbing. Like you say Ros' having a camera at the ready is super wonderful to capture moments like these; lovely photo.