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16 February, 2011

Thanks for the Comments

Lovely comments for the Bread and Jam post. Thanks so much. Great image of the Mixer and the Toddler turning on a merry show. And Carole, I like to have fresh frozen fruit for breakfast, too. Ros what takes your fancy in Craft Stamper? Have you got a gmail address so we can chat?



RosA said...

Hi Ros, Wish I was closer, I'd pop in for some of that bread and jam! That Craft Stamper has some lovely stuff in it this issue, but all the recent issues have been good. I first bought it quite some years ago, but only a few issues, as I felt it was all just a bit too cute. So, I've only been getting it for about the last year, and I am so pleased with it! (and I really try to be very selective about the magazines I buy these days.) You should be able to get me at rosk8anne@yahoodotcomdotau.

RosA said...

Hi Ros, I've added that contact to my blog. I didn't know it wasn't there. I'm pretty new at this computer stuff. Maybe, you could go there, when you have a moment, and see if it works? That'd be great!