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23 March, 2011

WOYWW no. 94 - 23rd March.

I can't believe we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year. The full moon the other night was just huge and glorious. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to say I was over the moon about it, being the closest it gets to this part of the Earth in quite a long period. That was a shocker...

Well  down to WOYWW business and looking around desks of artists connected with Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground. I like to think of her as the Desk Collector. Hop over there and enjoy the journey.

Zoom in on the Dine lid to see the dragonflies!! Maybe.
Notice the Holtz cogs at the back, and the lavender which is plentiful now.
This week on the desk is a continuation of the inchies exploration that I started last week plus some experimenting with the foil from the cats' dinner containers. There are two kinds of foil. The lids which peel off are quite light weight and mat finish, whereas the containers are slightly heavier and shiny. They need quite a bit of care in the cleaning - it would be no good to give someone a card that had something fishy about it! LOL
A woman's work is never done.

This little feature below is the light mat foil embossed in the Big Shot, then inked with Ranger alcohol inks - sailboat blue and citrus. I trimmed it with guillotine then rounded the corners with the dear old Carl corner punch I've had for years. Note: the Zutter punches are great with thick card but they jam on aluminium.

Robin from the Inkadinkadoo Spring set.
I put the bird inchy in the centre - I think I can improve on it, but it goes with the embossing. It is covered with clear crackle paint, and then I out-lined the bird with a fine calligraphy pen so save it from being antique bland.

Well that's it for another week. Looking forward to visiting as many folks as possible. There are now so many that I've adopted the idea of dropping in on every fifth link plus my followers and the folk I follow. Over time I hope to see pretty much everyone. Full of admiration for some who are always there including, of course, Julia D.

Bliss-ings all,

22 March, 2011

The First Inchy Card

I managed to get a little foursome of inchies together and make a card to send my friends with whom I had dinner and stayed overnight for the Farmers Market. I think it's pretty and I very nearly kept it. ;-)  Just have to make more!

Inchies made with Inkadinkadoo Spring Garden set.

These were very much building blocks. I didn't know what I would do with each one as I worked on it. With some of them, I added ink touches to give shape and contrast. The butterfly was stamped on acetate with green Staz-On then trimmed and stuck with Diamond Glaze. I've used stickles, silver Krylon pen, Marvy Markers, name it. Must make some notes.

The matts are metallic card in blue and sea green. The 'thank you' is on white silver card with some 'broken glass' DI around the edges - that's hard to see in the photo.

Happy days,

19 March, 2011

Thank You

Thank you for your birthday greetings. It's been a lovely week and you have added so much more. I went up to town last night for the last 'bash' with friends at a very nice Japanese restaurant. Made us all pause to toast the owner's countryfolk who are in such trouble just now. We had stunningly fresh sushi on a large platter to share first of all. Then we shared wafu steak, an udon noodles dish, and a lightly grilled salmon dish. Oh yum!

Stayed overnight and went to the Farmers Market this morning. It has been my monthly pilgrimage for eight years and now that I live 60 Km away, I take the camping refrigerator to look after Russell's beeeautiful chickens. Love the market, the traders, and the produce. Fresh chicken tonight in the Weber barbecue which is firing up nicely right now. Think I'll smoke it at the end with fresh Rosemary and lemongrass from the garden.

The cats are a bit sooky, and happy to have company again. A friend came in this morning to feed them and they were asleep when I opened the door. Dixie was chasing a mouse this afternoon and it keeps her amused as she never knows what to do next when she catches one so she lets it go. As Mouse Police, these two Girls are pretty poor. By the way, there are a couple of new photos on the Feline page.

Feeling very lucky to live on this gorgeous planet even though she gives us a hard time on occasion. Miles of smiles,

17 March, 2011

Autumn Brings the Harvest

This time of year is always peaceful and plentiful. The weather is usually gentle, and the farm-gate sales are wonderful. I've decided to change my blog style to suit the season again. Even managed to find the right web safe colour code for my little clock.

On my birthday, I chose to drive across the Mornington Peninsula to Merricks, passing many wineries on the way with the vines covered with bird nets.

No, it's not a wedding, it's bird netting on the vines close to harvest

Coffee at the Merricks General Store was very expensive because it's full of delectible temptations - beautiful coffee, and lovely wine for tasting and buying, and fruit preserves of all kinds. I bought a few bottles of a Shiraz Pinot Noir blend which is really lovely.
Outside Marrick General Store, gournet and wine buff's paradise
On the way home, I was really interested, and a tad over-heated when visiting the Gordon Gallery and watching the glass blowers at work. Perhaps more on this later.

The window of the Gordon Gallery - glorious glass
The old cottage is the gallery in two ways. It shows off the beautiful glass pieces, and forms a viewing gallery from which to watch the experts at work. It's a family affair with family members creating glass works of art in Perth on the west coast as well as here on the Mornington Peninsula. I just discovered this when talking with my brother who lives in Perth and knows the Gordons over there. Notice the Border Collie watching the people coming and going.

Lovely day all round.

16 March, 2011

WOYWW No 93 - 16th March.

This is the regular Wednesday Round-up of the Desks. If you wonder what it's about, do follow this link to the best Desk Collector in the business, Julia Dunnit.

Now about my desk today - not much I fear because yesterday was my birthday and the celebrations have continued today. I did start to organise my stamps, prompted by Elizabeth last week. The Paperific Show in Melbourne is coming up in two weeks and I don't intend to be caught buying duplicates!! I have started to create an A4 folder of all my stamps with the location noted because I keep the unmounted stamps in A5 size files as shown, and wood mounted stamps in stationery drawers. Need a map of the territory.

Unmounted stamp storage; little birthday book.

You can also see a little project for my step grand-daughter's birthday. It's the little book that is folded from one sheet of 12"x12" paper. It's not new but you can find it on Tim Holtz' blog and also Caroline's 'ish' blog

I've also been playing with a couple of sets of inchies by Inkadinkadoo that I found on my organising spree. This afternoon I was just stamping on scrap card and trimming to size. You can also see some clear plastic pieces that will be interesting to place over the inchy designs and perhaps alter with alcohol inks. Some of them are plain squares and others are faux postage shapes. You might also notice that I recently found another dragonfly.

Playing with inchies - I've found my Inkadinkadoo sets.
That's it for now. Must leap into bed as I have an early appointment in the morning and must be in my right mind.

Miles of smiles,

10 March, 2011

Dragonflies Galore

I went to Spotlight (large haberdashery chain) and found large bag of buttons of many shapes, including butterflies and dragonflies. I made a stamp out of the dragonfly buttons using Magic Foam. I think it will make nice background patterns.

Dragonfly buttons, heated foam stamp, and the result on white card
I also bought a thread cutter (purple & green) and a card distresser (green & purple) in a pack for $1. You can see them beside the heat tool.

Marbling Tutorials

Thanks to everyone who has visited and taken an interest in my marbling project. It's amazing what one's waking thoughts can spawn.  :-)

So many people have said they'd like to give it a go that I thought I'd put a couple of links here to give a head start. I'm sure there will be more, and some will be better or different so I wouldn't say these are the whole story. Hope it's helpful, and please add to the resources if you find something wonderful.

The first is Princeton On-line which is a teaching resource.
The second is from Spotlight which is a large chain of haberdashery shops in Australia.

Happy marbling and enjoy the puddling.

09 March, 2011

WOYWW No. 92

Greetings Wednesday Friends.

I'm really glad to be back again having missed last week. To tell the truth, I've missed our connection and exchange of comments but it's been a busy week, and so I've also missed my crafting time.

Today I had a great urge to have a go at shaving foam marbling, using some 'house brand' foam and Jo Sonja acrylics. I realise this technique has been around since cocky was an egg, but I haven't done it before. If you Google the technique, you'll find lots of good tutorials for marbling so I won't describe it in detail. Here's my table...

The shaving foam with green, yellow & gold paints.

You can see the baking trays with the foam, and the other one with pipettes, old packing card to act as a squeegee, and some of the results drying off at the back. I have yet to do more with various drying times - I will wait longer next time as the removal of soap made some streaks that might be avoided. Instructions vary about the time factor. It might also be improved with better quality card stock. I have to say, I really love puddling in shaving cream.

A little note about the black protective sheet which I bought at 'House' (for Aussie locals). It's a great deal at $20 for this silicon baking sheet which is 1.5 metres long! It's not good for Distress techniques because I can't see the colour on the black surface, however as a waterproof and heat tolerant covering, it's fantastic.

Came back to the desk this afternoon after going to the gym, the Hearing Screening test, the heritage seed saver nursery, and made a birthday card using the marbled paper. Here is episode two on the same Wednesday. BTW, the old lugs are still operating 'within normal limits' which is pleasing as 65 comes along next week.... on paper that is :-))

Yellow, lime green and gold seem good colours for a daisy theme.

I stamped the daisy design (I think it's a Hero Arts Clings stamp) on a piece of the fresh marbled card in black Staz-On and then embossed with Judikins Fine Detail Black. It gave a speckled look which allowed the marbling colours to show through. Mounted it on gold metallic matt, and in turn on another piece of marbled card. Embossed 'Happy Birthday' in black and applied three little paper flowers. The flowers were given to me by my Birthday Girl. They are made in Thailand by women of the Lao Disabled Women's Development Centre. There are sixteen different designs in the little hand made box. Just a delight.

Quite simple really but pleasing I think. Here's the close-up.

Jo's card. Pity the gold doesn't show well in this photo.

Well that's it for this week. If you're interested in what other folks do on Wednesdays, visit the centre of desk appreciation, Julia Dunnit and take a wander past a plethora of delightful desks.

Glad to be back,
In Oz.