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17 March, 2011

Autumn Brings the Harvest

This time of year is always peaceful and plentiful. The weather is usually gentle, and the farm-gate sales are wonderful. I've decided to change my blog style to suit the season again. Even managed to find the right web safe colour code for my little clock.

On my birthday, I chose to drive across the Mornington Peninsula to Merricks, passing many wineries on the way with the vines covered with bird nets.

No, it's not a wedding, it's bird netting on the vines close to harvest

Coffee at the Merricks General Store was very expensive because it's full of delectible temptations - beautiful coffee, and lovely wine for tasting and buying, and fruit preserves of all kinds. I bought a few bottles of a Shiraz Pinot Noir blend which is really lovely.
Outside Marrick General Store, gournet and wine buff's paradise
On the way home, I was really interested, and a tad over-heated when visiting the Gordon Gallery and watching the glass blowers at work. Perhaps more on this later.

The window of the Gordon Gallery - glorious glass
The old cottage is the gallery in two ways. It shows off the beautiful glass pieces, and forms a viewing gallery from which to watch the experts at work. It's a family affair with family members creating glass works of art in Perth on the west coast as well as here on the Mornington Peninsula. I just discovered this when talking with my brother who lives in Perth and knows the Gordons over there. Notice the Border Collie watching the people coming and going.

Lovely day all round.

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Julia Dunnit said...

Oh what a nice place to spend some strolling time! You don't mind the coffee price now and then if you can be enchanted by the atmosphere! Your new look is fabulous. As the sound of the Shiraz is too!