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19 March, 2011

Thank You

Thank you for your birthday greetings. It's been a lovely week and you have added so much more. I went up to town last night for the last 'bash' with friends at a very nice Japanese restaurant. Made us all pause to toast the owner's countryfolk who are in such trouble just now. We had stunningly fresh sushi on a large platter to share first of all. Then we shared wafu steak, an udon noodles dish, and a lightly grilled salmon dish. Oh yum!

Stayed overnight and went to the Farmers Market this morning. It has been my monthly pilgrimage for eight years and now that I live 60 Km away, I take the camping refrigerator to look after Russell's beeeautiful chickens. Love the market, the traders, and the produce. Fresh chicken tonight in the Weber barbecue which is firing up nicely right now. Think I'll smoke it at the end with fresh Rosemary and lemongrass from the garden.

The cats are a bit sooky, and happy to have company again. A friend came in this morning to feed them and they were asleep when I opened the door. Dixie was chasing a mouse this afternoon and it keeps her amused as she never knows what to do next when she catches one so she lets it go. As Mouse Police, these two Girls are pretty poor. By the way, there are a couple of new photos on the Feline page.

Feeling very lucky to live on this gorgeous planet even though she gives us a hard time on occasion. Miles of smiles,


Carole Meisenhelter said...

nice to see you here 'mongst the grapes Ros' :) I know we share the same zodiac sign; though my bithday is Feb. 20/been and gone. Your dining out sounds fabulous and then overnighter stay thrown in and Farmers Market treat; a lovely birthday celebration.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Ros, been over to the feline page and the photos are terrific - your cats are lovely. What would we do without our furry companions - they cheer us up when we are down and don't really ask that much of us really, just food, bed and friendship. Your birthday sounds a lot of fun. Elizabeth x