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30 April, 2011

First Home-baked Bread for a While

Been busy, been away, been like a bee in a bottle. Whatever it is, I haven't baked bread for too long.

What a gorgeous day. Went to the pool for the water aerobics class, then got taken with a domestic urge. Lots of job-ettes and making the bread which is half and half strong white and wholemeal with a soft seed mix.

Kneaded and ready for proving.
Proof number one.  I love punching it
down to go again.

Slashed, proved again, ready for HOT oven
and shot of steam.

Time to cool but not too much, and ready for tea and a slice with raspberry jam or butter and Vegemite. Yes, the dreaded black stuff. Yum! Ever tried it swiped on green apples? Very good, even if an acquired taste.


Oh, and home plum jam is pretty good too. What a smarty!
Miles of smiles,

29 April, 2011

Card for Kate

Here's my card for Kate's birthday which I had on the desk on Wednesday this week. I played with a few combinations of the floral stamps and changed the format from vertical to horizontal. I added the chook wire as a background to give the whole arrangement a rustic feel and it seemed right to tie a tag on the fence.

You will discern the use of Distress Inks for shading (shabby shutters and broken glass) and the main design is done with Marvy Matchables which I love to use. The tag is punched out of manilla card and I used some little stencil letters which I also bought at Paperific.

The feature is mounted on burgundy metallic card on which is stamped a leafy scroll in silver with Judikins Kaleidescope EP. I mounted the whole on square hammered card stock and shaded the edges with aged mahogany.

Inside I stamped with the same embossing combination one of my favourite messages which is a shade mischievous, "Birthdays are good for you. The more you have the older you get."

Hope you like this little composition. Do give me a comment.

Miles of smiles,

27 April, 2011

WOYWW No 99.

Well I'm back from the Dargo High Plains a bit early. There was a dental drama in the party - not for me I'm happy to say. I just did the driving yesterday and the drama was on the way to being resolved today. Pity that the holiday was cut short by three days, but the country was spectacular nevertheless, and five days felt like ten on the roof of Australia - or nearly. I may put a little photo essay on another page so keep an eye open if you're interested. We explored some interesting pioneer sites from gold rush days and it took us along some harem-scarem bush tracks, one of which went up 650 metres in four Km. That's a climb, with rocks all the way and great fun. I even put the air locker to good use in places.

On my desk last night was a almighty pile of completely irrelevant stuff dumped there in the haste of departure. Today, I'm making a card for my niece for her birthday on Mayday. :-) I remember when she was born in 1982; now she's a corporate lawyer, an honours science graduate, and has a great capacity for enjoying life.

The ring-a-rosey posey for Kate. Tiny butterfly from cat food foil will be blue.
You can see how this is taking shape, I hope. At Paperfic last month, I bought these little "peg" stamps (over on the right) to use for floral patterns. I've just used matt card stock and Marvy Matchables which I love. Earlier this year I found refills for them thanks to a supplier in Queensland. Back to the card, I think I'll add some pearly spray, glossy accent and/or Stickles. These little florals are very pretty and the ways to combine them are endless.

Hop over the our favourite Desk Jockey, Julia to see what this looking at desks on Wednesdays is all about.

Happy days,

21 April, 2011

WOYWW No 98...nothing for a while

Just a quick note to say that there's not much on my desk, but travel on my mind! I'm heading for the Dargo High Plains where the coundtry is beautiful and cold. Am I mad to be camping in this weather? The temperatures in the high country are around 5 to 10 degrees. The scenery and the fresh walnuts will be fantastic and if it's too, too fresh we'll move along to the coast. Here's the scene...

Trailer and tent set up on a previous trip.
Enjoy the desk hopping and I'll be back in a couple of weeks. To find out more about this desk travel, visit Julia Dunnit and have fun.

Happy days,

13 April, 2011

WOYWW #97 - and Under It

This week, Dixie got under the desk to stake a claim to the recycle paper box. As usual, she made herself very comfortable, and talked to me every so often.

The supervisor keeps watch from below rather than above.
And my desk (on top) is a bit of a hotch-potch this week. Well actually it's two desks, and many activities which are not of great artistic interest.

Getting my Record of Purchases up-to-date. It has got quite out-of-hand since Paperific, and the completion of house projects that needed my attention. I like to keep a list of what I have bought and usually put the stamp images on the same page. I have a new clothes line installed near the laundry at last - we don't have a drier because they gulp huge quantities of electricity and the clothes smell lovely when dried outside. It's nice that we're not snow-bound so it's possible to hang everything out.

Finishing off some inchies to become cards and go into stock. I'm really low at the moment and stooped to sending birthday "uncards" from an internet site. Better to do that than nothing.

More on the organising front... I want a record of dies and embossing folders, and here's the start. You might notice at the top of the picture, there are a couple more of the little paper clay moulds waiting for paint. One is a shell and the other is a ginko leaf. More of these soon.

Thanks for coming by. Please continue the journey at Mrs Dunnit's Desk which is where this all begins (if this is your first visit to What's on Your Workbench Wednesday).

Enjoy the week ahead.

09 April, 2011

Jasmine's Birthday Project

I mentioned in my Paperific Post, that I had bought the big hardware die for the hinge. Well, the project has come together today and I'm really pleased. Jasmine, or Jazzie as we call her, is my step grand-daughter who is about to turn eight. We asked her what she would like for her birthday and she said she'd like some treasures. That set me thinking about a Treasure Chest, not the pirate variety because she's really interested in spies at present.

Treasure chest detail of hinges, tag with lucky charms.

At my local paper shop, I found a little tin box with rounded lid like an American lunch box. I took the handle off the top, and added the ring bolts at each end. I put an undercoat of gesso, then Jo Sonja gold acrylic. Once dry, I distressed it with black soot, and added the hinges made of grunge paper. I found they wouldn't stick on with Accents or Diamond Glaze, so got the big guns out of fridge storage - 3M Scotch weld super glue. This stuff is a bit hard to get, and is to be used with great respect. I went to some trouble to get it to mend the tent last year and I know it's easy to glue fingers onto things you don't want be stuck to.

The Treasure Map

I made a treasure map out of and old manilla folder and did lots of Distressing things to it. It fits neatly into the lid of the chest with $10 behind it.

The treasure chest and treasure

Now it's full of glitter pens, a very small art journal, tiny jelly beans in tiny Tupperware, a mini packet of chocs, and some tissues with $50 notes printed on them. I also made a tag to write Happy Birthday on and attach a tiny chines coin, a silver star, and weeny key.

Can't wait to see her face. We've got some other art materials which she'll love too, including a refill for her Xyron sticker machine.

Smiles, Ros.

07 April, 2011

WOYWW - Something different from Paperific.

If you read my last post, you'll have some idea about the Paperific Show last weekend. This week, I made a couple of little things with the papier mache clay which is malleable for some time and cures as it dries out overnight.

I have used talc as the mould release - one would use corn flour when using the moulds with icing for cake decoration and candle holders.

Moulds used to make a cameo and frangiapani. Twinklings H2O and water brush used to colour them.
These little things are light as a feather when dry and remain somewhat pliable. There are lots of different moulds and I'm looking forward to putting them on cards and gifts. I will experiment with air-brushing, spritzing or spattering, and embossing. I have no idea how the paper clay will take heat.

I seem to be too busy with lots of other things. Thank goodness there is always interesting stuff to do, think and invent. If you want to see more creative invention, pop over to Julia Dunnit who is Desk Central and take the trip around other folks' desks.


03 April, 2011

Paperific Show - walk all day, 5 cm shorter.

I've been really looking forward to this show so it was easy to take off  early to get up to the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds by 9.30 AM. It's not as big a show as the Quilting and Craft Show for instance but I really enjoy the emphasis on paper arts. I walked for six hours and left at the point when I felt shorter in the legs and tired to a smash!!

I like talking to folks I've connected with over time such as Sammi from Mad for Markers who knew me even though we've only met once face-to-face - what a remarkable memory she pun intended. Caught up with everyone from the Stamp Trap, Alisa and Shell from De-signs Made by Me, and Glenice, Trevor and Jenny. All good, very happy!!

I came away with some regular bits and pieces, stock items like reinkers, good gloss card stock and so forth. Also bought a few interesting things, some of which are in the photo.

Some of the stash from Paperific.

You can see a number of stamps to create pictures with, both StampScape (not shown) and Eclectic Images, and the little alphabet sets were a good price and gave some good ideas. I've been looking for the Holtz/Sizzix die for hardware because I'm making a project for Jasmine's birthday - more about that. Jeanette Trappet at the Stamp Trap had some homilies in an unmounted sheet. Completely new to me, is the little red moulds which I can use to create little items from either paper clay or icing as they are made from food quality material. The paper clay has me very intrigued so watch for some more photos soon.

Overall, it was great to attend, but I think I notice a trend away from technique and artistic skill. There is more hum-drum techno invention on the part of the money-makers which is very creative of them. The easy ride like using stickers and endless commercially printed papers, is very seductive and can shift us away from our knowledge and use of media. I asked one fellow about any interesting ways he uses Copic pens that he was selling, and he had little to tell me.

It's quite a debate that rages in my mind. Knowing that it's contentious to be saying such things, I think this dumbing down is noticeable in some magazines too. I'm bored to snorts with my local magazines full of prissy printed papers and really enjoy the UK Craft Stamper even though it takes six weeks to get here. I never want to stop using stamps as an art printing process in combination with all the wonderful media available and techniques to explore.

It's good to stimulate my dreamscape in lots of directions.