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30 April, 2011

First Home-baked Bread for a While

Been busy, been away, been like a bee in a bottle. Whatever it is, I haven't baked bread for too long.

What a gorgeous day. Went to the pool for the water aerobics class, then got taken with a domestic urge. Lots of job-ettes and making the bread which is half and half strong white and wholemeal with a soft seed mix.

Kneaded and ready for proving.
Proof number one.  I love punching it
down to go again.

Slashed, proved again, ready for HOT oven
and shot of steam.

Time to cool but not too much, and ready for tea and a slice with raspberry jam or butter and Vegemite. Yes, the dreaded black stuff. Yum! Ever tried it swiped on green apples? Very good, even if an acquired taste.


Oh, and home plum jam is pretty good too. What a smarty!
Miles of smiles,


Carole Meisenhelter said...

breads looks perfect and would be tasting great like you say with butter, vege' or jam with cuppa. I haven't tried vegemite with green apple but an all time favourite is fresh bread sandwich with vegemite and lettuce.

Sam said...

Nom Nom Nom - need to put some of our honey from the garden on there and it would be perfect!!!!

Jenny said...

Makes my mouth water - just looking at that bread. Sounds like you had a great few days camping. Shame it was cut short but if you enjoy every minute then any holiday is worth it. See you soon. Jenny B x