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09 April, 2011

Jasmine's Birthday Project

I mentioned in my Paperific Post, that I had bought the big hardware die for the hinge. Well, the project has come together today and I'm really pleased. Jasmine, or Jazzie as we call her, is my step grand-daughter who is about to turn eight. We asked her what she would like for her birthday and she said she'd like some treasures. That set me thinking about a Treasure Chest, not the pirate variety because she's really interested in spies at present.

Treasure chest detail of hinges, tag with lucky charms.

At my local paper shop, I found a little tin box with rounded lid like an American lunch box. I took the handle off the top, and added the ring bolts at each end. I put an undercoat of gesso, then Jo Sonja gold acrylic. Once dry, I distressed it with black soot, and added the hinges made of grunge paper. I found they wouldn't stick on with Accents or Diamond Glaze, so got the big guns out of fridge storage - 3M Scotch weld super glue. This stuff is a bit hard to get, and is to be used with great respect. I went to some trouble to get it to mend the tent last year and I know it's easy to glue fingers onto things you don't want be stuck to.

The Treasure Map

I made a treasure map out of and old manilla folder and did lots of Distressing things to it. It fits neatly into the lid of the chest with $10 behind it.

The treasure chest and treasure

Now it's full of glitter pens, a very small art journal, tiny jelly beans in tiny Tupperware, a mini packet of chocs, and some tissues with $50 notes printed on them. I also made a tag to write Happy Birthday on and attach a tiny chines coin, a silver star, and weeny key.

Can't wait to see her face. We've got some other art materials which she'll love too, including a refill for her Xyron sticker machine.

Smiles, Ros.


Sam said...

Well done Ros. This is lovely. AND you remembered to put whaat every crafter needs to survive - Maltesers!! I am sure Jazzie will like it!!

Carola Bartz said...

This is such a lovely idea, I bet your granddaughter will love it. Very well executed - I love the map!!!

RosC said...

I took this post off for a day because I forgot that she might see it. She has a VERY computer savvy family! We had arvo tea with chocolate cake and bubbly. Her Mum is the consumate chocky cake maker. Jazzie was delighted with all her treasures. Mission accomplished.

Susan Allan said...

Hi Ros,
Jazzie will love it. It is a beautiful creation and just what she needs.
I don't know!! Spies at eight!!!

Thanks for your email; glad you like my blue, juicy Caterpillar.

The White Rabbit ; you have a wonderful description for him and, yes I can see that; very perceptive!
I have not read Annotated Alice, but I’m off to pick up a book from my local shop today, so I will order it!

Do I have you on my sidebar… must check. If you are not there I will put you on.
Wishing you a good week
Sue xx

Carole Meisenhelter said...

excellent creative gift that Jasmine is sure to love. Great goodies inside too and hiding the $50 behind the map (x marks the spot?), was a great notion.

RosA said...

That is just gorgeous Ros!

Ryn Tanaka said...

This is a wonderful present!!! I would love to receive such a creative and thoughtful gift! I'm sure she'll love it :)