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27 April, 2011

WOYWW No 99.

Well I'm back from the Dargo High Plains a bit early. There was a dental drama in the party - not for me I'm happy to say. I just did the driving yesterday and the drama was on the way to being resolved today. Pity that the holiday was cut short by three days, but the country was spectacular nevertheless, and five days felt like ten on the roof of Australia - or nearly. I may put a little photo essay on another page so keep an eye open if you're interested. We explored some interesting pioneer sites from gold rush days and it took us along some harem-scarem bush tracks, one of which went up 650 metres in four Km. That's a climb, with rocks all the way and great fun. I even put the air locker to good use in places.

On my desk last night was a almighty pile of completely irrelevant stuff dumped there in the haste of departure. Today, I'm making a card for my niece for her birthday on Mayday. :-) I remember when she was born in 1982; now she's a corporate lawyer, an honours science graduate, and has a great capacity for enjoying life.

The ring-a-rosey posey for Kate. Tiny butterfly from cat food foil will be blue.
You can see how this is taking shape, I hope. At Paperfic last month, I bought these little "peg" stamps (over on the right) to use for floral patterns. I've just used matt card stock and Marvy Matchables which I love. Earlier this year I found refills for them thanks to a supplier in Queensland. Back to the card, I think I'll add some pearly spray, glossy accent and/or Stickles. These little florals are very pretty and the ways to combine them are endless.

Hop over the our favourite Desk Jockey, Julia to see what this looking at desks on Wednesdays is all about.

Happy days,


Susan Allan said...

Hi Ros
You seem to have had an amazing trip. I would love to see the photos when you have a chance to post them up. The camping I take it was good?
How wonderful to feel and to be 'on top of the world'.
Come back down to Earth with a bump.
Have a lovely week.
Sue xx

okienurse said...

Interesting looking desk with lots of fun pots and things to play with. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

Tertia said...

Really like whats happening on your desk. That card is going to be great, I am sure your niece will be pleased.

Wipso said...

How lovely to have watched such a successful young lady grow up. Hope she has a fab birthday.
A x

Tertia said...

Me again! Forgot to say thanks for coming over to my desk and yes, Freedom day is a big one in our country. I bet your friends loved the Soweto Gospel choir, they are AMAZING! There is nothing quite like African voices that sing with abandon. Singing is such a great part of our cuture. I think we may be the only coutry in the world where people sing and dance at funerals when they are sad, at parties when they are happy, at sportsmatches to egg on our teams, at protest marches when we are angry - I can't think of a single time when singing and dancing would not be appropriate. LOL

Neet said...

What a lovely card and what a great idea to cut the butterfly from that material. I am hopeless with those stamps - must try them out again. Are they Tapestry?
No wonder you are proud of your niece - what a talented young lady.
Thanks for the share.

Bella said...

Thanks for stopping by my desk. I love the huge collection of ink pads you have. We don't have that brand available here in South Africa.

MaggieC said...

What a shame your trip was cut short, but it sounds fantastic all the same. Hope you show us lots of pictures. Love the look of that card, and all those wonderful ink pads on your desk, such pretty colours. Thank you for your visit yesterday, and your comments. We are heading nicely towards summer at the moment so we had good weather over Easter. Lets hope we get some decent weather for the Royal Wedding tomorrow, and for the street parties.

Di said...

Hi Ros, thanks so much for calling by my blog. The only thing I missed on the computer printout was the little sprocket holes:) And weren't piles of the waste stuff great for kids to use for drawing on! Your wreath/peg stamped work reminded me to dig mine out again. Great fun to use and it looks like you're going to be producing something very special there. Hope we see the final result, I should as am adding myself as a follower :) LOVE your cats BTW. Di x

Sam said...

Sounds like you had a fab holiday albeit cut short a little. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. I would dearly lovwe to see Australia one day!!
Loving your card and I am sure your niece will too.
The trouble with whirligigs is that when you have one layer you will soon want another!! LOL! Thanks for popping over!

Carola Bartz said...

Your trip sounds lovely and quite adventurous. The card for your niece is going to be really beautiful.
Yes, I actually own "the Artist Way" by Julia Cameron, but I haven't read it so far. Perhaps that's a project for the summer!

Angie said...

Love the idea of using catfood foil. I have never come across those ink pads ...I asume they are connected to Marvy la Plume which I do have.

Amberbop said...

Hi Ros! I will keep my eyes peeled for some vacation photo fun. I have never been, but I imagine that I would love it. Recently I have been obsessed with 'A Town Like Alice'. I imagine a lot ;)

xo, Amber
P.S. Thanks for the visit. If you make a little book let me know. They are such such fun to make!

Samantha Read said...

Hi Ros, glad I found your blog via woyww99! Sam

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds great too Ros and I'd love to see some more photos. I'm hoping to get another blog post together about Charleston, I'm busy and not at home both this weekend and next weekend but I really want to get on to that. I love your camping setup in the earlier post, your vehicle looks like it's been specially kitted out? Love the card for Kate, I really like to look of those peg stamps and love the blog of the company that makes them, did you enjoy working with them?

Brenda 95

Jovita said...

You have a lot of pretty ink pad colors to play with there, great workspace. Your niece is going to love her card. :)

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Ros love your desk, those little stamps are cute and great to see.. heaps of fun there and so sorry am so late this week, happy WOYWW!!
love Shaz in oz.x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, your trip sounds fabulous even if it was cut short. As I'm late in popping in this week I've seen the finished card which is quite beautiful. And your bread looks scrumptious. I used to make bread often but as I don't eat much I rarely make it now. Right, I'm off to look at your Dargo photos so take care and enjoy the rest of the week. Elizabeth x #108