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07 April, 2011

WOYWW - Something different from Paperific.

If you read my last post, you'll have some idea about the Paperific Show last weekend. This week, I made a couple of little things with the papier mache clay which is malleable for some time and cures as it dries out overnight.

I have used talc as the mould release - one would use corn flour when using the moulds with icing for cake decoration and candle holders.

Moulds used to make a cameo and frangiapani. Twinklings H2O and water brush used to colour them.
These little things are light as a feather when dry and remain somewhat pliable. There are lots of different moulds and I'm looking forward to putting them on cards and gifts. I will experiment with air-brushing, spritzing or spattering, and embossing. I have no idea how the paper clay will take heat.

I seem to be too busy with lots of other things. Thank goodness there is always interesting stuff to do, think and invent. If you want to see more creative invention, pop over to Julia Dunnit who is Desk Central and take the trip around other folks' desks.



Jenny said...

I couldn't possibly add another thing to my work desk (eg:clay)or my storage cupboards but I am glad that you did - so that I can have a sticky beak. Fabulous frangipanis! Jenny B

Sam said...

These look very pretty but like Jenny I don't dare try another technique though I do have a box of DAS somewhere in my room!! LOL!!

okienurse said...

Very nice. I would love to be able to make molds and sculpt my own flowers, buttons etc. but right now don't have the time. Really like the looks of your flowers and the cameo. Thanks for sharing, Vickie #88

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how sweet these are - we used to do something similar (but please bear in mind, totally amateur) with damp loo paper. Moulded well, but didn't like being painted!! Now, what's the plan for the finished items?
And - the glasses - you're so right - this very morning as I staggered into the workroom under a weight of office work to be done - 3 pairs on my desk...inlcuding the missing pair. Huh?!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, that's one of the best things about crafting - so many interesting techniques to experiment with and never a dull moment. Hope you have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #108

Becky said...

Looks like fun! thanks for the peek! :) Becky

RosA said...

Hi Ros, Love those H2Os. I keep going back to them. And I use an air drying clay, which also dries super light.

voodoo vixen said...

Those little flowers look stunning and you have painted them beautifully - these would be great on canvases if they are light!! Annette

Popped up and saw your UTEE card, its lovely!!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Thanks, Ros, for popping by my place I am rather neglectful at present - this month is going to be super busy and so blogging and doing things I like a little on the back burner but I knew had not called at your desk to see what you were doing but with my messed up week did not think of it when online etc..
Some interesting stuff again.. I bought the iridescent medium to make twinkling H2Os have tried it out with Gum Arabic and the ink in eye drop bottles like dye distress ink and Stamping up ones put in a few drops of colour and then some distilled water and iridescent medium and mix in gum Arabic to thicken and set. This is all trial and have made 5 but yet to test run them and see if they really work!! doing last one now.. rusty hinge - looks awesome with iridescent medium.
thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW!
Shaz in Oz.x