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27 May, 2011

Dear Oven

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

You prove the dough
And bake my bread to perfection.
You grill and roast, braise and toast.
The meals you make defy correction.

And dear Oven
How do I hate to clean thee? Let me count the ways...

Erm... ah... mmm...

Aauuugghhhh! Clannad keeps me sane

Three thousand
Seven hundred
And Thirty-Eight
And a half (which is putting on the rubber gloves) ways do I hate to clean thee.

Thank goodness it's done! Now coffee is in order.

25 May, 2011

WOYWW 103 and a sample of Autumn.

Greetings all. It's desk hopping time again. To find out more about this Wednesday whimsy, hop over to Stamping Ground.

This week there isn't a great deal happening. In fact there's more going on my head, bothering myself about what to do for the PIF, but I'm hoping that something will eeeeemeeerrrge.

What you see this week is the beginning of some ideas around the Olde Post Card stamp I bought recently - some travel themes from amongst the rest of my stamps and other accoutrements.

Travel themes

I've been playing with the brayer, a film strip stamp and a tyre tread stamp today. I want to include some real photos of my own, and there is also a vintage camera stamp in the drawer that has potential. Watch this space, as they say.

Thought I'd share a couple of garden pictures. It's very pretty at the moment with lots of Australian native plants in flower at this time and the deciduous trees showing great colour this year. The previous owners planted crepe myrtles, Mongolian Pears (no fruit) along the drive, and a couple of ornamental cherries. Because of better rain this year after ten years of drought, there are more sugars in the leaves. The cold weather has made the sugars create more intense pigments in the leaves so it's been more showy. Not so good when we have drought years.

Along Cherry Lane, lavenders and grevilleas flowering
Crepe Myrtle in front of the terrace
Yesterday, a rainbow on a grey day
Hope all is well with my visitors. Thanks to all who drop by. I really enjoy your comments and love to call on as many as I can manage.


19 May, 2011

An Inchy Card

With all my tidy up activities, I have lots of pieces that are either unfinished or didn't suit my purpose at the time. My current challenge is to use them by finishing or altering them for new cards in stock.

This is a general purpose card that I punched from one of my experiments for a Christmas card design using the Maiden Hair Fern stamp. The inch squares are mounted on fuschia metallic card and then lettuce green matt. The little tag is actually a sticker - I'm using those up too. Embossed with my old fave, verdigris EP. Died the ribbon with Distress Stain peeled paint.

Here's a little hint that you might find useful. My best tool for threading string/ribbon through small holes is a tiny latch hook used in crochet and tatting. Sometimes, a fine wire needle threader is useful too, especially with very fine thread.


WOYWW No. 102

Dear me, I missed WOYWW 101 last week and I'm nearly doing it again this week which is partly because there is a lot going on here. Mostly it's about the recording of stock/stash and the big lag in doing my creative journal and record of experiements. So that's what is on the desk this week. BTW, hop over to Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground to see what the desk show'n'tell is all about... art and friends.

A page in the making
I've been keeping a record of experiments since I began making cards some years ago. I have put up a post of it before however, this is the desk top at present. This was the development of my Christmas card last November - you can see how behind I have fallen.

Pages inserted in chronological order.
I've started using different coloured pages and distressing the white pages for a bit of interest. In the early days they weren't as arty-farty but then I didn't have the skills either.

Have found lots of pieces that I've done nothing with so they are waiting to be put to good use too. Don't wait with baited breath though. You might turn blue.

Cheers dears,

16 May, 2011

Thanks & Winter "Face-lift"

Went to the doc today and The Thumb is doing fine. Got a new dressing, no skin broken, just keep it dry and safe while I wait for it to heal. Thanks for your lovely commiserations. All things considered, I'm really lucky and so glad I managed to help put out the fire.

The Winter weather is here and very welcome for my part. I love having fires (in the fire place), putting on warm coats, and rough seas so it's time to change this blog to match the season. I don't think the Autumn look was so good. I loved the grapes in the background but the dark overlay was getting me down and it didn't do justice to the photos.

Happier with this warmer colour scheme and the arty font. It reminds me of mulled wine, so I'll have to break out the easy recipe which makes a syrup to keep in the fridge. All that's required is to warm equal parts of it with some red wine whenever the occasion calls for it.


15 May, 2011

When a Burn is a Pain in the Thumb

Went to help with a fund raiser yesterday. We had a sausage sizzle outside a large hardware store and unfortunately things caught fire including the canvass shelter. I was taking the money - a sociable thing to do with time to say "Do you know our organisation? Would you like a leaflet? Do check the web site...very interesting." We were going well until the cook shouted "Fire!"

Someone said she couldn't get the fire extinguisher out of the cradle. The long and short of it is that I released it and put the fire out but in the process, burnt my thumb on someone's melted jacket which stuck.

OOOOOH-AH. Put that hand in a plastic bag of water and drove to the doc with the other. Thank goodness for an automatic car (my first ever).

A Blistering Business! 
The doc didn't want to know because I didn't have an appointment, they had no ice in the place, and the nurse put lashings of burn cream on it and a floppy dressing that threatened to slide off. Went home to wash off the nasty powder from the extinguisher, then to the chemist for good advice and a decent dressing.

Now I have a strange arrangement with fore finger playing at being a thumb, and thumb sticking up in the air, erm, like a sore thumb! Not painful today but a Bloody nuisance at the craft desk, AND I get out of doing the dishes.

There might be just a large blob of bandage on my desk next Wednesday. Huh, huh, huh.

Yours as ever,

05 May, 2011

Just called in to my local paper craft store.

Soooooooo innocently, I just called in...for a little look around, you know. Well I was passing the door and there's always parking, not to mention a little time up my sleeve.

Screw heads are both slotted & Pozidrive

Managed to spend a few $$$ on tapes - Tim Holtz tissue tape, and some of the Japanese Washi tapes that were road-tested in a local Stamping & Card-making magazine recently. Also bought some screw head brads designed by Karen Foster, and a few very small tags for gifts or to embellish cards. The brads will be great for boysy cards.

Enjoyed my little shop,

04 May, 2011

WOYWW, a Century

I reckon a hundred episodes of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday is cause for celebration as a warm-up for the two year anniversary and Pay It Forward party coming up soon.  Details of this desk display is all about is over at Julia Dunnit's blog. She's the Desk Jockey par excellence.

New Stash

This morning I came home from the water aerobics class to find my order of bits & pieces in the front porch. Good-o!! What's on my desk today then, is some recording of what I bought and putting where I can find it, or more importantly, see it.

You can see Grunge paper (just), the Tim Holtz post card anthology and the strange mixture of skull & crossbones, birds in flight, and flourish. I bought it for the birds. There's a Whimsy post card, an Alterations Edge, and the whirlygig which started it all. Everything is listed and dated, and by the time you read this, it will all be put away.

Happy days,

01 May, 2011

The Dargo Trip

Just to let folks know who are interested, I have finished putting some photos on the Dargo Trip page. Hope you enjoy it. And yes, that's me in the bush hat. It's made of good rabbit felt and has saved me a lot of sunburn as well as keeping my head warm in the cold. The only good thing about rabbits is a fine felt hat!

Picnic lunch on the Roof of Oz.
Miles of smiles,