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15 May, 2011

When a Burn is a Pain in the Thumb

Went to help with a fund raiser yesterday. We had a sausage sizzle outside a large hardware store and unfortunately things caught fire including the canvass shelter. I was taking the money - a sociable thing to do with time to say "Do you know our organisation? Would you like a leaflet? Do check the web site...very interesting." We were going well until the cook shouted "Fire!"

Someone said she couldn't get the fire extinguisher out of the cradle. The long and short of it is that I released it and put the fire out but in the process, burnt my thumb on someone's melted jacket which stuck.

OOOOOH-AH. Put that hand in a plastic bag of water and drove to the doc with the other. Thank goodness for an automatic car (my first ever).

A Blistering Business! 
The doc didn't want to know because I didn't have an appointment, they had no ice in the place, and the nurse put lashings of burn cream on it and a floppy dressing that threatened to slide off. Went home to wash off the nasty powder from the extinguisher, then to the chemist for good advice and a decent dressing.

Now I have a strange arrangement with fore finger playing at being a thumb, and thumb sticking up in the air, erm, like a sore thumb! Not painful today but a Bloody nuisance at the craft desk, AND I get out of doing the dishes.

There might be just a large blob of bandage on my desk next Wednesday. Huh, huh, huh.

Yours as ever,


Jenny said...

Oooooo! burns are so painful. I am glad that you can keep your sense of humour about it. Get well soon Mr. Thumb, Ros needs to craft. hugs Jenny B x

Susan Allan said...

OOuch! Poor you, Ros! That looks really nasty; so unfair as you were doing the world a favour...I hope you mend quickly.
Take care!
Sue xx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Ouch! commiserations there, mate! have had a burn like that once when I was about 6, and picked up hot glass in which there had been a burning flame and dad told me not to touch it RESULT: one burnt severely blistered thumb.. did not do that again in a hurry! guess I got out of some school work but not that beneficial really! pathetic effort on doctors part - really! funnily we ended up there at the chemist too..
God bless
Shaz in Oz.x PS posted my finished work this week on WOYWW.

Di said...

Ouch! Hope it heals soon - burns are so not at all funny! Di x

Carola Bartz said...

Oh Ros, I hate burns!!! They are painful! They get in the way. They are annoying.

Wishing you all the best around the globe!

RosA said...

Eeeek! That looks awful Ros! Hope it's feeling a lot better soon. I often get advise from the chemist before I resort going to the doctor.

RosA said...

My word verification was "CATions" Isn't that weird?

Sam said...

Big Owchie Ros!!! My deepest sympathies to you there.

Your comment yesterday sure made me laugh this morning. (Having to go on internet in lunch break as internet is a little flakie at home!!!)

Hope your thumb gets better soon.

You are always welcome to stay in the Peoplehouse if you wish!! There is a piccie of the lodgers on my bloggie now!!