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16 May, 2011

Thanks & Winter "Face-lift"

Went to the doc today and The Thumb is doing fine. Got a new dressing, no skin broken, just keep it dry and safe while I wait for it to heal. Thanks for your lovely commiserations. All things considered, I'm really lucky and so glad I managed to help put out the fire.

The Winter weather is here and very welcome for my part. I love having fires (in the fire place), putting on warm coats, and rough seas so it's time to change this blog to match the season. I don't think the Autumn look was so good. I loved the grapes in the background but the dark overlay was getting me down and it didn't do justice to the photos.

Happier with this warmer colour scheme and the arty font. It reminds me of mulled wine, so I'll have to break out the easy recipe which makes a syrup to keep in the fridge. All that's required is to warm equal parts of it with some red wine whenever the occasion calls for it.



Carola Bartz said...

I first wondered whether I am on the right blog... I never associated pink with you. I like the font, it looks really cute.
Can you tell me more about your way of mulled wine? It sounds so different from the one I make. Ours doesn't have syrup, but lots of spices. And, of course, a good cabernet...

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah.. Carola has written practically what I was going to say! Like the new look, specially this nice clear handwritten type font. and LOVE the advice about my new look - go see what you think...thank you!

Samantha Read said...

oh no Ros, I do understand, I've managed to cut open both my thumbs and hurt one of my feet this week, all seperate incidents! Gravy Whiskers has had me chuckling all morning :o)
Take care Ros, Sam x