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07 June, 2011

What WAS on my Workdesk Wednesday?

Heavens to Pete! Have I ever had a drama or two with blogger, with my computer, with installing new anti-virus software.

Hope you have all enjoyed the PIF celebration for the 104th episode of WOYWW. I'm just getting going and decided to do a retrospective post which I hope at least a few folk will visit. I regret not being on the PIF circuit however "them's the breaks" as they say in the classics.

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil. Good for cleaning and stuffy noses.
Here is the clean desk. When all else fails, go back to what has worked in the past and in my case it's eucalyptus oil which is brilliant on so many stains. The inks on the desk that wouldn't come off with alcohol or stamp cleaner were no match for the eucy oil.
Do you know the silly old riddle that goes... What did the sheep say to the shearer? Eucalyptus!  (u clipt us)    (Groan)

Happy days. Will be back to WOYWW as soon as possible.


Craftgirl said...

That is a good tip. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Stampattack Carol

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Ha Ros did love this post and so with you on the Eucalyptus oil I love it! Shaz in Oz.x