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27 August, 2011

Froth & Bubble After Being Away

Can't believe how busy the last couple of months have been... singing, gardening (weeding), preparing tax, and experimenting with yeast baking. I've made quite a lot of bread, good yeasty pizza bases and fresh pasta which isn't yeasty of course but delicious.

But here's the froth and bubble!

I decided to have a go at making my own sourdough starter last Monday. I fed it each day, and because I can't bear to discard three quarters of the brew each time I feed it, I kept it and started a new pot. Now I have starter to give to the whole neighbourhood, let along friends, and it's very lively!

While I was out today, it grew and grew.

What a hoot. Tomorrow I expect to have a bread-making spree and visit the Farmers Market. If you're interested in the ingredients for this living ferment, I'll be happy to post it. Of course there are as many recipes and magical mysteries as there are bakers but this one has given me a splendid start.

I must say it's a pleasure to be back to my blog, and in touch with those who have taken an interest in the past. Spring is here, and the late winter wattles are in full bloom. The freesias smell heavenly, and there are buds everywhere. Best wishes to you all.

Life's good,


Jenny said...

mmmmmm, and I wonder where you were today while your frothy stuff was going everywhere? Could it be that you were feeding your craft habit. Therefore, it was worth all that froth and bubble :)

Carole Meisenhelter said...

yes good to see you back too Ros' and your interesting starter. Look forward to pics of your sourdough coming up. I've just made a batch of date-muffins (for a late breakfast). I've been enjoying the wattles around here too ...and I've lovely coloured freesias starting to flower now under the lime tree. A pair of doves always choose that spot to sit in the sunshine through the day and flatten them. You can hardly blame them though picking a spot like that - sunshine and perfumes...aaaaaah.

Di said...

Hi again Ros! This looks like the aliens have landed - off to look at your latest posting to see wotcha up to!!! Di xx