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28 August, 2011

I'm Sprung!

From yesterday's post about the sourdough, I was sprung by my friend Jenny who was demo-ing at the Paperific Show yesterday. She knew where I was!!!  Great to see her there amongst the crowds of traders, make-and-take demos, and folks looking, learning and buying. One lady drove a few hundred Km with her DH who called himself Treasury. He was impressed with the demo from my friend Jeanette, so I think some picture stamps were on the agenda.

Now the sourdough saga continues. This morning the starter had developed into a nice bubbly sponge so I decided to use the lot and make three loaves. One is a fruit loaf with mixed spice, a little malted grain flour and a fruit soak. The next is just plain white bread flour, and the third is mainly white strong flour with a third wholemeal spelt and half a cup of soft grain mix.

Fruit loaf, white and light wholemeal dough almost doubled in size.
They have all been knocked down and are proving a second time which takes longer than with bakers yeast. The kitchen smells great.

This morning, I had a lovely visit to the monthly Farmers Market which is all produce. Came home with lots of vegetables, olive oil from French Island the other side of Mornington Peninsula, and fruit, much of it grown locally. Oranges come from Mildura but the brambleberries (for home made icecream), apples and pears are local. There are local meats, baker's delights, and sea food.

The star of the show was Brownie, a black cow who was milked at the market for on-the-spot butter and buttermilk. I brought home a small pat of butter and the butter milk will become pancakes tonight. Some of the kids couldn't believe their eyes, whilst others were laid back and knowledgable.  And for Pete's sake, I didn't take my camera. It was still in my bag from yesterday's journey.

LATER THIS AFTERNOON:  after the baking is all over and cooling, it LOOKS good but how will it meet the taste test?  I've got so much bread in the house now! The big clean-up is done - strangely, there were little globs of cement on the kitchen floor.
Three loaves, two tins and a pizza stone.
Well, the fruit loaf is just cool enough to try and the temptation is too great. Some of Brownie's butter makes is just great. The loaf is very moist and has a different texture from yeast bread. Very more-ish. Feeling very pleased with my first attempt at sourdough bread and now the challenge is to keep the starter alive and well for the weekly loaf or two.
Oh yum,


Di said...

Crumbs - that's really lively stuff, but what fun! Your Farmers Market sounds amazing - and a real, live milk machine too :) I bet that caused a stir. Good to see you back blogging! Di xx

Carole Meisenhelter said...

mmmm I could do with a couple slices of the fruity loaf and butter right now. Beautiful smells from your kitchen and lovely tastings.

Cynthia Eloise said...

sounds so good. i use to have sourdough, we mostly used on the weekends for pancakes. try them, they are really different then the usual buttermilk pancakes. not so cake like.

Geke said...

I had read your sourdough postings at the time you posted them with the intention of making a comment as I make my own bread too (never tried sourdough). I never did and now whilst reading through your blog I remembered your sourdough experiences again. Since December I'm into sourdough too now. Is Betsy still alive?? and are you still making the breads? would love to exchange some recipes with you and to know how you keep your starter alive.....