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05 July, 2011

Winter time sunshine

I'm having a few days away in warmer weather. The first three days on the Gold Coast (south of Brisbane) were changeable and showery but quite a pleasant temperature. The Gold Coast resort is such an odd place with wall-to-wall hotels and restaurants. Quite boring really but fascinating enough for a short stay. I stayed in a resort hotel which provided conference rates, sharing an apartment that was quite large. It was like an icecream cake really.

We were on the first floor above the restaurants.
Then we collected a car at the airport and drive to Brunswick Heads in northern New South Wales where the weather was glorious... Shorts and sandals and beach-combing. Nothing happening on the work desk until next week when I'm back to the real winter at home. Meanwhile freshly caught prawns, locally grown vegetables and salad, and local wine thrown together at 'home' in this lovely cabin. It will just have to do! (Happy sigh)



Carole Meisenhelter said...

goodness Ros' one minute you're baking bread at home and now you're tossing prawns at Brunswick! Sounding like a great getaway.

Di said...

Sounds idyllic - sure beats doing the supermarket run and a ton of ironing here :( Di xx