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11 September, 2011

Later, Same Day...

P.S. Here are the two and a half fruit loaves out of the oven and cooling, tempting all passers-by with their aromas and beauty.

The Family Photo! L to R: Hazelnut and child, spiced Fig and Cranberry.

I glazed the top of the bread with a coat of milk and sugar which gives them the shiny surface. From past experience, they need to be kept in air-tight container to stop them going sticky on top.
Thank you Carola, Di and Carole for your lovely comments.

Carola, I'm certain that one can use sourdough with any kind of flour. One of the loaves I made was truly delicious, made in the Vienna loaf style with 1 part wholemeal spelt and 3 parts strong white flour. I added half a cup of soft grain mix. It was very popular with the family. If you want to give it a go, I'm happy to send you the instructions and coach you through growing the starter. Yay! A new kind of coaching is born.

Di, I had such a chortle at your post - thanks. And Carole, I do want to see you on a magic carpet! Woo hoo!



Carole Meisenhelter said...

Ros' it's only moments since you posted this. I'm Mr. Johnny-on-the-Spot! Mmmmm I can smell those lovely delights in your kitchen. I'm imagining you clearing away and go retrieving your camera and thinking "blog opportunity"! Haven't our blogs opened up a new world? Keep baking ... and enjoy.

Di said...

Wow Ros - these look yummylicious! Hazelnut and child indeed :) Di cc