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11 September, 2011

Ooo-la-la, I Love My Dishwasher

Well, Betsy is on a roll again. This time we (she and I) are making fruit loaves which are busy growing in the living room where it's warm. For those of you who don't know her, Betsy is my recently born sourdough starter. She lives in the refrigerator most of the time but she needs feeding every few days with water and flour, and her job is the make my sourdough bread rise to heavenly heights and divine flavour.

Betsy after making a contribution of 500g of yeast goodies.
 What a bubbly thing she is - just needs her lid on now and goes back in the refrigerator for the next round of baking with a feed in two or three days. I found this lovely red bowl for her which is actually an el cheapo microwave rice cooker. The brilliant thing is the lid which has a valve in it that you can open or close. Leaving it open allows Betsy to digest her food and let the gases escape without having an explosion of cement in the fridge. (Hope this isn't getting too personal for you).

Today's sourdough loaves are spiced fig and cranberry fruit loaf, and hazelnut and fruit loaf. I'll post a photo of them when they leave the oven if they work out okay.

Of course, after all this culinary activity, there are bowls, cups, dishes, dough hook, spoons, scrapers and stuff everywhere. Not having had a serious dishwasher in my adult life (I had a very small dinky washer that didn't like big stuff) it is such a wonder to shove everything in the machine and press the button. Hey presto, the Maid is doing her secret work and I love her for it.

You know, there's a little coffee shop in Main Street which serves fruit loaf in a really lovely fashion, lightly toasted and served on a small wooden board. Beside it is a good sized rounded spoon of marscapone drizzled with a zigzag of local honey. There's a little spreading knife, and with an excellent cup of coffee, it's bliss on a stick!

More later,


Carole Meisenhelter said...

mmmmmmmmm YES I can taste it, not just yours when it comes from the oven (looking forward to pics Ros'), but also the toasted fruit loaf at the coffee shop I'm looking for my magic-carpet...I'll join you!

Carola Bartz said...

I have to admit that I've never heard of sourdough in a fruit loaf. Quite interesting. I miss the sourdough bread in Germany. Here in California there is lots of sourdough bread, but it's all white. I'm not a real fan of white bread...

Di said...

Oh Ros, it's 4pm where you are but just after 7am here. Sitting having my early morning cuppa I almost spluttered tea over the keyboard reading about Betsy! So funny, and I can almost smell those delicious loaves over here! Should I start making a Christmas card for Betsy? She sounds just like one of the family :)) Di xx

RosA said...

Hi again Ros, I love sourdough bread. It is really the only bread I will go out of my way to buy (and eat). Your looks absolutely fabulous. Would love to have a go at making some, one day.