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03 September, 2011


What a day. I went to the Weed Busters morning at our local shopping village. Two local groups that work to restore and protect natural reserves in the area had local weeds on display. I belong to one of these groups, and we gave information about how these weeds grow, how to control them and why that's important. Watching people realise that sometimes the pretty things are space invaders of a bad kind, and it's interesting to speculate about whether they will engage with taking action. We have a few new members from the morning which is great, not to mention having lots more information 'out there'.

The weeds and the weed busters

And I fed the sourdough starter tonight for baking more bread tomorrow or the next day - depending on how it develops. Even within half an hour of adding water and flour it begins to make bubbles.  In an 80/20 ratio, that is 80% fresh flour and water and 20% starter from last time, the yeasts start to grow. The bubbles appear v-e-r-y slowly. I watch and watch, roaming the surface and finding a pin sized bubble that wasn't there before. Soon it's the size of a small bead. Tomorrow morning the whole thing will look like a gigantic sponge that escaped from the Barrier Reef. This will be the rising for two more loaves and a small amount will be 'fed' and live in the refrigerator for next time. Betsy is already two weeks old. Sourdough starters are often given names, and may live for many years I understand.



Di said...

Go Betsy, go! Love the idea of giving names to sourdough starters :) Di xx

Carole Meisenhelter said...

is your Weed Busters an independent group of workers? Des used to enjoy doing Landcare down the bush by the lake at the recreational reserve, so I know much about lantana and camphor-laurel downsizing.