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07 September, 2011

WOYWW - 118

This morning I was hustling to get a birthday card made for a friend who is musical. I have to give credit to Ikki over at her Cuttlebug Cupboard where I was browsing and found the idea with a music theme. I want to develop some more cards with this masking technique, a bit like the Christmas card I did last year although that was more of a stencil style combined with masks.

A music them in blue-reds and lavenders

To colour the background of the centre-piece, I used matt card masked with Post-It notes and coloured with Colorbox chalks. These were applied with Colour Duster brushes. The stamp is heat embossed with Judikins cabernet twinkle then it is matted onto burgundy metallic card. The card stock is white hammered card which is distressed with Ancient Page coral red, then the music is stamped with Marvy wine.

In addition to acknowledging Ikki, I have to give credit to Shaz in Oz for the idea of using polished stones to frame the card for photography. I have a bird bath full of rocks in the garden and took time to use it this morning.

Where is the desk, you may ask? Afterall that's what this weekly Wednesday wander is all about - to know more, slide over to Julia's stamping ground. And here's the desk a moment after the card was finished buried beneath metres of stuff from the table and the floor in favour of some serious (meaning complex and boring) work.

I can't wait to get my hands on this lot!

I had to make a large space for organising Tax Time papers. Don't mind the Tax, just hate the paper trail (unless it's multi coloured and beautiful). So the table was clear and the desk piled high with lots to be sorted, stacked and stowed tomorrow.

Just home from the subscription cinema night after seeing a lovely Italian film called "The Sky is Red". Scrumptious kids, superb actors. Beautiful night, tonight... clear sky, bright moon, perfume everywhere. Five million star accommodation.

Kind thoughts,


dix said...

Your card is lovely! I forgot about embossing...I must put my powder to use...I am certainly inspired now. thanks for sharing.

The Crafty Elf said...

Awesome desk there...would love to play at it for a while. Tax Time...ewwww! Sounds like a lovely night out and a wonderful film. The night sounded magnificient...wish I was there. Pouring rain here today...grey dull day and very very damp with a wind - Yuk! Thanks for the visit!

Di said...

Just brilliant Ros! Hope all is well - seems so from this super post! Di xx

Sam said...

So where exactly is the desk? I cannot see it for the boxes!
Hope you find it soon!

ikki said...

Hi Ros, thanks for your message and for crediting the Cupboard, it's always satisfying to hear that one's work has given inspiration to other crafters and what a great job you did using this technique! Love your desk - enjoy your day.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Ros, yes I love Ikki's blog too hers was the first one I found through her friend on eBay I bought from last year, and saw the card that inspired you and must say Ros I really truly love the card it is a cracker! and my stones I take my pickies on are actually the door mat at the door in my courtyard, my sister made it from stones she collected, looks a treat I must say and main reason I use it is because it gives great natural light out there no need for a flash. Do love your polished ones.
Happy WOYWW, Shaz in oz.x

Jingle said...

Your space looks FULL of fun! Very pretty card!

Craftgirl said...

Wow lots of stash I see. Great card too. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a tip. I have a darning mushroom but it is too big for the dresser:-(
Carol C

Spyder said...

Just toooo much crafty business going on here! Where does one look first! Have a happy WOYWW

Twiglet said...

Love the music card and doesn't it look good on those pebbles - great idea! x jo

Doone said...

death and taxes, can't avoid 'em. can't enjoy 'em...

enough said about that,

love your busy space and the hues of your card, and the chosen image

thanks for coming to see me yesterday

the keyboard is for my HUGE mac, for I am a spoilt brat who wouldn't settle for less!


Elizabeth said...

Lovely card and great technique. Love the music theme and the colour is lovely. Taxes - just hate the paperwork too but I'm so lucky, here in the UK, once retired, it's more or less done for you in the pay as you earn way - even when the source of income is your pensions. Even the bank sorts out tax on interest earned so no need to fill in horrible forms anymore. It's funny now, but I used to tell clients who complained about paying taxes that you have to be making money to pay tax so don't complain because there was lots out there who weren't making money! And here I am now not making money :) BTW, I've long admired Shaz's trick of photographing on pebbles too - so artistic. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #50