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26 February, 2012

Bracken Sun Umbrellas

The rain has come at last. It's nearly 8 o'clock and the day has been very hot and humid. I'm done in!

You know that line from a song that Noel Coward sings, "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun"? Well I reminded myself of it today. Went and played in the vegetable garden, clearing out the old roquette, and putting in cos lettuce, celeriac, dill, coriander, vietnamese mint, and marigolds. The lower bed looks very good now.

This is the lower bed. Marigolds in foreground, bracken fronds protecting the seedlings.

You may be wondering, what on earth bracken 'umbrellas' might be. Well bracken is a ground cover with course fronds that grows in bush woodland areas. We have quite a bit in the bush part of our garden. It is very hardy and the cut fronds last for four or five days as umbrellas for the seedlings when it's very hot.

The bracken is growing on the right of the picture.

I'm quite pleased with my rhubarb patch this year. We've had a few excellent batches of apple and rhubarb with breakfast, or served as a crumble.

In the foreground is a comfrey plant which I grow for healthy compost. The rhubarb is behind.

I put two snail traps out. We avoid using poison so as to protect the blue-tongue lizards. Instead the traps are partly filled with beer. The slugs and snails fall in and drown in a glorious malty stupor. Sounds good anyway. The traps do work but need consistent attention. Let me know if you'd like to see a photo of  a blue-tongue. Mrs Blue lives under a rock near the terrace and has had young ones each spring since we came here.

The trap with a good head of beer. It is sitting in the soil, then the lid goes on
with a slit for the slimey ones to crawl through.
Here's the reward at the end of the day. The breeze often comes off the sea from the west or south-west, and the terrace is a great place for a comfortable flop with drinks and the newspaper or a book.

Hope you enjoyed this little view of the gardening slice of my life. More on paper art on Wednesday if not before.

Happy days.


Carole M. said...

looks to be a very productive day; you should sleep sound tonight Ros'. It's hard once you break the ground to hold off and step back and leave more for another day; you can always find the next little project beckoning.

Jenny said...

It is so nice to think of the snails hiccuping in their swimming pool of pleasure before their demise. Made me laugh! jenny

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, great pics of your garden. Here in Scotland bracken is considered a pest. Before the EEC regulated against it the bracken was burnt off every year to keep it under control. Now, with that option out it is growing rampant, cutting it down isn't very effective and the latest is that wild horses are being imported and encourage to graze amongst the bracken ... it seems to be the most effective option - great for the horses and good for the environment too :) Read my blog post today and you will see why I'm just a tad envious of your lovely terrace :) Elizabeth x

sandee said...

I use to put beer in a plastic soda bottle in the garden, that way the slugs crawl in and you just throw away the whole bottle, lot less messy! lol I nominated you for the Liebster award so zip over to my blog and grab it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Redanne said...

What a beautiful garden you have, also love your porch (veranda?). Sandee suggested a look at your site so I am now a follower.