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25 February, 2012

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

A few years ago, I discovered Phryne Fisher stories in an airport book shop. Phryne is pronounced 'Fry-nee' and she is a splendid hero who has experienced just about everything in her twenty-six years including poverty, wealth, and WW1 horrors. In a light manner, lots of local history is explored through these stories, not to mention some themes around social justice ideals and the changes for women following the Great War.

It all takes place in 1928 in Melbourne when Phryne arrives with great style and a special task. Kerry Greenwood, the author, has paid great attention to detail both historically and geographically, and in many of the books she has listed her reference materials. The stories are a wonderful read, light and easy and great fun. I have enjoyed exchanging just a little email correspondence with Kerry including identifying the landmarks in Melbourne and some musing about how well it would work for the screen.

Ain't she fabulous? Crime, feminism and fun go well together here.

Well, now she and the ABC (national broadcaster) have done it! Last night was the first episode and it was terrific. The characters are so well cast, and Essie Davis is stunning as Phryne. Indeed I love 'em all. The production detail matches the accurate work of the books really well, and it's great to see shots of Melbourne's old buildings with all the modern signs removed - even lines on the road. I've included the link to the ABC web page and suggest that you click on web extras tab to see three interesting short videos about the production.

ABC TV web page link to Phryne Fisher

If I've piqued your curiosity, I hope you enjoy this bit of off-topic interest created in my home city.
Yours as ever,


Carola Bartz said...

Ros, I followed your link and just watched Episode 1 - really enjoyed it!!!

MaggieC said...

Feel free to come back at any time. It is often quite a task to identify the post we are supposed to be commenting on, but it does not really matter. It is just good to mooch through entire blogs to see what you have missed. What a coincidence that you should have such a link to both my WOYWW cards. My children were also brought up on Beatrix Potter, all the so-called no-pc nursery rhymes and the proper Flower Fairies, Noddy and anything else that would give them the vocabulary they need for life. did you know that the old nursery rhymes actually give a child something like 40% of all the words they will need in their life? I will certainly watch out for that ABC programme when it comes over here. xx Maggie #11

RosA said...

Hi Ros, I discovered Kerry Greenwood's books some years ago now. Read all the Fisher ones, in no particular order (at first), so I didn't know how to pronounce her name for ages. I just called her Fern and that has stuck! Actually I like the Corinna the baker series better now, but we watched the 1st Miss Fisher the other night and did enjoy it!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

was really good Ros!