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29 March, 2012

A Woodshed Up-date

So happy with my new woodshed and so are the cats. Dixie supervised the installation yesterday and Pumpkin ventured in today. This is truly the stamp of approval since she is the timid one.

Pumpkin inspects the new shed and gives stamp of approval.
This afternoon, our gardening boys came to clip hedges and do a few other things, one of which was to cart the fire wood from various temporary storage places to the new shed. Now we're almost set for the winter.

Red gum firewood and ti-tree kindling in place.
There's more to shift and stack, but that can happen bit by bit. Only one red-back spider showed itself which was a relief for young John as he's a bit toey about spiders especially the bitey ones. I have large rubbish bins in which I stack kindling and wood for fumigating before bringing it inside for the fire. I'm a bit of a fire bug I think. Bear with me, being a bit dotty about a flipping shed.


28 March, 2012

WOYWW No. 147.

Greetings all.

My desk has been abandonned this week in favour of carting crushed rock. Just bought a wood shed delivered and assembled by two strapping young fellers on the new bed of crushed rock just this morning. I took a picture of it tonight in the dark. More tomorrow...

The Woodshed. On the left, mobile water tank. Pink ladies on the right.
Julia, last week you were wondering whether I have a slap-stick skating comedy happening at the desk with the glass beads everywhere. Here's the preventive...

I sprinkle the microbeads over the small Judikins clip tray which I put to a thousand other uses as well, and clean up with this little vacuum cleaner which I found in a computer gadget shop. It's for cleaning one's keyboard, not very efficiently but marvellous with tiny stuff. That dust bag is full of beads, embossing powder and glitter. I am such a gadget freak!

Julia Dunnit is the hub of this desk hopping exercise, so hop over to her blog to see more about it.

Miles of smiles,

21 March, 2012

WOYWW No. 146

Time for desk hopping again. This is a regular Wednesday habit for quite a few folk and it starts over at the Delectable Dunnit Domicile. Click here for a visit and join in if you're inclined.

A small neat birthday card this week. It's for a family member who has been living interstate for quite a time and has just returned. The teapot seems to say "This is home. Where the heart is the teapot follows".

The desk this week - too soon after holidays to be crowded.
The design was a fairly simple idea but I took some time to experiment with contrast and colour matches. I also began using clear embossing as a resist technique which worked well with the Christmas cards, however not with the teapot. For the final result, teapot is black embossed with Judikins fine detail black and coloured with Twinkling H2O water colours.

The mount is black gloss card with a border of Great Tape which is much like Judikins Trio tape or double-sided tape for vellum. It holds a sprinkling of glass micro beads in pink and green to match the teapot. I'm a little disappointed with the colour rendition in the photo below as the green water colour has come out quite muddy. 

Home is where the teapot is.
All the best for the week - I hope to visit as many Wednesday posts as possible.

20 March, 2012

I've Been Wandering

I've been travelling gypsy style in the Coorong for a couple of weeks which is why I've been away from my blog. Travelling west, we went along the Great Ocean Road which was a return to old haunts of childhood, especially Apollo Bay. Mind you, the weather was less than wonderful with a south easterly blowing like blazes for days. Sleeping in the flapsi hapsi tent the first night was like being inside a whale having a panic attack, but we were warm and dry and the ear plugs helped. We packed away the tent and stayed in a cabin for a couple more nights before moving on.

I took time to do a drawing looking across the harbour to the bay and the hills behind. Even though it was sunny, there were rain clouds over the hills much of the time. I have been playing with these little drawings for some years - a view of where I am in a circle about the size of a CD on black paper. White pencil is the mainstay with all the colour built on top of it. Some high-lights are added with metallic pencils and strong colours added with Inktense Derwents. It's simple and naive as I've never been taught to draw but they give me pleasure and I have a little book full of them now.

Apollo Bay harbour. Coloured pencils on black paper.
The Coorong is a most extraordinary system of lakes and lagoons that is part of the Murray River where it flows into the sea in South Australia - when there is enough water. Years of drought made the lagoons contract and the lakes dry out with the whole system becoming super saline. Now the water levels are higher, the bird life has increased, and the water is back to its normal semi-salinity. The south lagoon is very salty and an alga turns the salt pink.

There are large pelican breeding grounds here too. If you have access to Australian films, there is one all about this magic area called "Storm Boy". The boy and the pelican who are the main characters, frequent this part of the world and the film is a beautiful interpretation of the place and the story by Colin Thiele.

Pelican landing on Lake Albert, early morning
Behold the honourable pelican
Whose beak holds more than his belly can.

This was one of my Dad's little homilies which always tickled his funny bone. Pelicans are most graceful and noble birds and watching them is very soothing. I promise you more. I wasn't completely idle and apart from my little drawing, there are more photos to share which I'll put on a new trip page next to the Dargo High Plains page.

See you on Wednesday.