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29 March, 2012

A Woodshed Up-date

So happy with my new woodshed and so are the cats. Dixie supervised the installation yesterday and Pumpkin ventured in today. This is truly the stamp of approval since she is the timid one.

Pumpkin inspects the new shed and gives stamp of approval.
This afternoon, our gardening boys came to clip hedges and do a few other things, one of which was to cart the fire wood from various temporary storage places to the new shed. Now we're almost set for the winter.

Red gum firewood and ti-tree kindling in place.
There's more to shift and stack, but that can happen bit by bit. Only one red-back spider showed itself which was a relief for young John as he's a bit toey about spiders especially the bitey ones. I have large rubbish bins in which I stack kindling and wood for fumigating before bringing it inside for the fire. I'm a bit of a fire bug I think. Bear with me, being a bit dotty about a flipping shed.


1 comment:

Neesie said...

My hubby would be druelling Ros, not only with the wood pile but the specially allocated shed!
We adore real fires and always had huge amounts of wood stacked when we lived in Scotland. You learn to love fires there ;)
I'm glad the bosses have given it the once over and approve. It makes life comfortable for all.
Have a lovely weekend :D