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25 April, 2012

WOYWW No 151

Good morning Wednesday desk-hoppers.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who left comments for me last Wednesday and in the days to follow. Regrettably, I don't manage to get to everyone and certainly not on Wednesday or even Thursday. I really enjoy meandering and visiting a few folk at a time so it takes a while - bear with me. I will get around sooner or later.

A couple of people wrote about their systems for keeping blending sponges so this week I have a photo of my system, be it ere so 'umble as they say in the classics. I just made some cards to fit a clear plastic chocolate box and filed the sponges in alphabetical order. If I buy any more colours, they won't all fit!

By the way, if you wonder what is the deal with the desk, hop over to Stamping Ground to find out more. Just collected my March copy of Craft Stamper from the newsagent. Great to see you were Blog of the Month, Julia! Jeez it peeves me that it takes sooooooooooo long to land my copy of that most excellent magazine.

Aged mahogany to worn lipstick
Next thing to notice is the little drying rack I bought at Paperific from Lesley at Little Bits. It's so simple and very effective. She has an older gentleman who makes a few such things for her shop. You can see the stamp that I used in my post from Monday. 

Drying rack and a few alcoholled backgrounds.
Finally a bit of ideas work with the butterfly stamp from last week. I've certainly got a butterfly thing going at the moment. I like the half punched butterfly which adds something different with Stickles on the wing that's folded back. Then it needs to have a matt behind the hole left by the folded wing... potential for something interesting.  
Colour wheel handy, Liquid Pearls, bird and butterflies, ubiquitous 4-colour BIC .
We've had quite a lot of wind and rain, and more is promised for today which is ANZAC Day, so the dawn services around the country will be somewhat dampened.

Miles of smiles,

24 April, 2012

Painted Ladies

A special friend with a special birthday has prompted me to create a card for her this week. She was my first Head of Department and has remained a good colleague and friend for the last forty-five years. This week she is 80. I chose something close to nature as she is a farmer so this stamp of gum blossoms and painted lady butterfly seemed very appropriate.

I stamped on gloss card with Memento black and then die-cut with a Nestabilities rectangle which gives a one layer frame. Using Colorbox chalks and colour dusters high-lights this frame effect especially when the ink is dry and can be polished. The blossoms are done with Liquid Pearls to great effect but that's not so easy to see in this photograph.

The first version
The butterfly is coloured with Adirondack alcohols using a pointy cotton bud to apply it. Please note that the blue version of the butterfly is fanciful artist's license. The real one is more terra cotta with some pink under the wings which I used in the next edition.

For the matts, I used metallic card and then gloss card treated with alcohols including Pearl and Gold mixatives and blending solution. This is a technique I've used for a long time and is a cross between what Tim Holtz calls agate (CC1) and patina (CC2). I confess to thinking that there isn't much between any of these since the alcohol technique always turns out differently regardless of using same ingredients. Great fun though.

The second version is right for my friend who is not a 'pink' person
Thanks for visiting and wishing you well.  Ros.

18 April, 2012

WOYWW Number 150

Greetings desk-hoppers. Another Wednesday and a lovely sunny autumn day here at Wild Cards.

Those who don't know this desk-hopping caper, please go and visit Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground which is where we all link in. From there you can join us, or just visit a few of the folk who participate... as you please.
Revisiting inchies, and a new stamp 'Geraldton Wax', native of WA

The desk reflects my return to thinking about inchies this week, and a visit to Little Bits, a craft shop in Melbourne. I bought a set of Nature inchy stamps by Darkroom Door. You can also see the stamp of Geraldton Wax flowers which are indigenous to Western Australia but grow well in the coastal sandy soil where I am as well. They are very pretty and I look forward to posting something that uses this stamp well.

The inchies are made with various techniques and are all mounted on metal that has been embossed and coloured with alcohol inks. The metal is the foil lids from the cats food tins! The example further away from the camera with dragonflies embossed into it is untrimmed.

Thank you so much to all the folk who left comments for me last week. I did enjoy your sharing immensely.

Warm wishes to all,

11 April, 2012

WOYWW No 149.

Today I’ve been making a birthday card for Jasmine who is 9 this very day. I’m writing this in the car on the way to have dinner with her and the family. Some of you might recall that last year I made her a treasure chest complete with map. This year she has a different sort of parcel with a simple but pretty card.

Now about this expose of desks. We do this on Wednesdays and if you’re curious, jump over to the good Ms Dunnit as she’s the one what done it. (I’ve been wanting to say that for so long – bad of me but I hope you don’t give me a hard time, Julia).

So here’s a little picture essay…

Buidling the idea for Jazzie's card
The Usurper, needing to be close, sitting on my feet. Does feel nice but not staying long.

This photo (above) needs some explanation. At the top of the picture are my legs whilst taking a photo of the desk. I am standing on the chair that She has decided to sit on. It seems immaterial that my feet are there somewhere.

The idea takes shape.

Using the butterfly dies that I bought at Paperific with some gloss card coloured with alcohol inks from the stash box. The photos don't do justice to the butterflies with the beautiful gloss colours. Butterfly stamp is embossed with Stampendous fine detail white. Love it.

The final product...
Inside ...the final product.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. If you have any questions, do drop me a line. And thank you to everyone who left comments last week – I do hope I managed to visit you too, but this week’s another opportunity. Also want to thank and welcome my lovely Followers.

Warm wishes all,


06 April, 2012

Gorgeous day, life's good.

Thought I'd just pop in with some doings of the day. The red sky was fabulous before sunrise across our eastern horizon but is predictive of stormy weather later on.

It started well with a bowl of porridge made with pin head oats. It's the best you can have (in my view) with a pinch of salt, milk and a sneaky spoonful of sultanas. Please, no grimacing from my Scottish friends about the sultanas.

Red sky at dawning, shepherd's warning.

It will be 30C today and I can hear the holiday noise from the beach whilst in the garden. By tonight, there will be a big change blowing in from the SW.  Lots on the garden doings list today; plant seedlings of broad beans, snow peas, spring onions, leeks, garlic. Planting a new baby bay tree and a new broad leafed sage plant are on the agenda. I'll direct-sow some cumin, radishes and another batch of lettuces.

That's moi - getting going in the vegetable garden first thing
Oooohhhh it got hot as the sun swung around. I put a shade screen in front of the broad bean seedlings. There are a number of deterrents to garden pests - the powerful owl made of plastic has yellow glass eyes. I move him around a lot, sometimes on stakes, sometimes hanging in a tree. There are also two rubber snakes, and some beer traps for the snails & slugs. I also have a little green electronic box that shrieks and flashes at the possums. It is moved around to introduce a little uncertainty as with the owl. I avoid poisons because of the lizards who love to eat snails which is helpful too. I wish they would eat possums.

Job's done and the Silly Dragon is back on guard.
I confess as I got hotter and more tired, I peeled off clothing until I packed up the tools in my underwear and headed for the shower.

Snow peas are in. Took a harvest of rhubarb and still there's plenty.
Thank goodness for a large block of land with lots of privacy (wicked grin).

Miles of smiles,

04 April, 2012

WOYWW No. 148.

Greetings to all who venture around the desks of we who like to play with Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground. We do this desk hopping thing and share our art spaces as well as our art. Follow the link to see what goes on.

This week I decided to create something with the Tropical Blooms stamp I bought at the Paperific show.

The desk, the stamping project, and the accoutrements. 
The tropical blossoms are stamped and embossed with Judikins black fine detail. I masked the flowers and leaves (see just above the yellow paint brush) and stamped the wood grain background. The flowers are painted with Twinkling H2O and then some light background applied - Distress antique paper.

The assembled card includes pale yellow and gold metallic matts and a bow tied with the bow maker I mentioned a little while ago. Here's the finished product.

To those who celebrate Easter, enjoy this Eastertide, and have a great week to all. See you around the traps over the next couple of days.

03 April, 2012

Icecream in an Igloo!

I've just made strawberry icecream in my little churn called an Igloo. I've had it for years and it only makes small batches but that's enough to satisfy the palette and restrict the consumption.

The Igloo. The bucket is filled with anti-freeze.

The strawberries are small and sweet, grown locally at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm about twelve minutes from where I live. They are very yum, and here's the recipe in case you have an Igloo too. So simple.

250 g strawbs, washed and hulled
3 egg yolks
3/4 cup castor sugar (or less if you prefer)
350 ml cream
200 ml milk
....all in the blender until smooth. Throw the mixture in the frozen Igloo bucket and churn for half an hour. Add chunky bits of strawb at the end if you like, then bung it in the freezer.

The fine thing is that the egg whites will be used tomorrow when the Igloo bucket is frozen again. I will make citrus sorbet using orange, lemon, lime and two of the egg whites.

How easy is that, and kids from two to a hundred and two love it.

01 April, 2012

Paperific Show

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with myself and my craft interests. It was fun except for the journey there which was hi-jacked by the GPS. It took me through the worst traffic on the shortest route. Against my better judgement I thought a little adventure on a Saturday morning would probably be fine. I keep forgetting that Melbourne no longer an easy city to travel around, and freeways are the best way to get over the top of it all. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I left the route finally and went my preferred way as I watched the GPS have a little hernia. Revenge on a misleading gadget is sweet.

Once there, I enjoyed myself heaps. Paperific is quite a small show but it is dedicated to paper art and craft so I know quite a lot of the stall holders. I had a wish list which was good for focusing on what I wanted and of course, a couple of things besides. Had a sandwich and an excellent cup of Lavazza coffee for lunch.

An overhead view of the booths from a mezzanine.
I purchased quite a few things and have been organising them today. In the photo below, front left to right are some cutting dies, and a little clear stamp of morning glory. Then there are stamp sets which need cutting to use on acrylic blocks but they are good deep rubber impressions made by Stamp-it. The top one is of some Australian bush and lagoon picture stamps which I'm very delighted with. Next there are acrylic blocks and a couple of embossing folders called World Map and Waterfall. Oh and a pricking awl - mine broke.

Further away from the camera, left to right again, there is a card drying rack, some butterfly die-cutters, a sentiment stamp, flexible glue, ribbon pack, and Memento stamp pads.

At the back, there are some books - one about making improvised stamps and a couple of Copic books.

Paperific purchases.
Well that's it. Now for a flurry of activity but first I have to feed Dixie (my B&W cat). Feel as though I'm staring into the eyes of The Stomach, and it's time for a little Sunday evening scotch, too. Daylight Saving ended last night which makes a mockery of Tummy Time today. Of course it was April Fools Day today so what would one do but mess about with the clocks. I managed to change them all with a great show, and then secretly change them again both backwards and forwards. Hoots of laughter and rushing from clock to clock, "Well what IS the time, REALLY?"

Yours in tomfoolery,