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06 April, 2012

Gorgeous day, life's good.

Thought I'd just pop in with some doings of the day. The red sky was fabulous before sunrise across our eastern horizon but is predictive of stormy weather later on.

It started well with a bowl of porridge made with pin head oats. It's the best you can have (in my view) with a pinch of salt, milk and a sneaky spoonful of sultanas. Please, no grimacing from my Scottish friends about the sultanas.

Red sky at dawning, shepherd's warning.

It will be 30C today and I can hear the holiday noise from the beach whilst in the garden. By tonight, there will be a big change blowing in from the SW.  Lots on the garden doings list today; plant seedlings of broad beans, snow peas, spring onions, leeks, garlic. Planting a new baby bay tree and a new broad leafed sage plant are on the agenda. I'll direct-sow some cumin, radishes and another batch of lettuces.

That's moi - getting going in the vegetable garden first thing
Oooohhhh it got hot as the sun swung around. I put a shade screen in front of the broad bean seedlings. There are a number of deterrents to garden pests - the powerful owl made of plastic has yellow glass eyes. I move him around a lot, sometimes on stakes, sometimes hanging in a tree. There are also two rubber snakes, and some beer traps for the snails & slugs. I also have a little green electronic box that shrieks and flashes at the possums. It is moved around to introduce a little uncertainty as with the owl. I avoid poisons because of the lizards who love to eat snails which is helpful too. I wish they would eat possums.

Job's done and the Silly Dragon is back on guard.
I confess as I got hotter and more tired, I peeled off clothing until I packed up the tools in my underwear and headed for the shower.

Snow peas are in. Took a harvest of rhubarb and still there's plenty.
Thank goodness for a large block of land with lots of privacy (wicked grin).

Miles of smiles,


Sue said...

Your gardening activities will reap wonderful rewards..I like the sound of snow peas:)

Sandy said...

Love your garden I have a huge veggie plot too its very rewarding... Yours looks very productive there is just nothing like your own veggies... :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like gardening for making a person feel good. Yours looks lovely and productive.