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01 April, 2012

Paperific Show

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with myself and my craft interests. It was fun except for the journey there which was hi-jacked by the GPS. It took me through the worst traffic on the shortest route. Against my better judgement I thought a little adventure on a Saturday morning would probably be fine. I keep forgetting that Melbourne no longer an easy city to travel around, and freeways are the best way to get over the top of it all. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I left the route finally and went my preferred way as I watched the GPS have a little hernia. Revenge on a misleading gadget is sweet.

Once there, I enjoyed myself heaps. Paperific is quite a small show but it is dedicated to paper art and craft so I know quite a lot of the stall holders. I had a wish list which was good for focusing on what I wanted and of course, a couple of things besides. Had a sandwich and an excellent cup of Lavazza coffee for lunch.

An overhead view of the booths from a mezzanine.
I purchased quite a few things and have been organising them today. In the photo below, front left to right are some cutting dies, and a little clear stamp of morning glory. Then there are stamp sets which need cutting to use on acrylic blocks but they are good deep rubber impressions made by Stamp-it. The top one is of some Australian bush and lagoon picture stamps which I'm very delighted with. Next there are acrylic blocks and a couple of embossing folders called World Map and Waterfall. Oh and a pricking awl - mine broke.

Further away from the camera, left to right again, there is a card drying rack, some butterfly die-cutters, a sentiment stamp, flexible glue, ribbon pack, and Memento stamp pads.

At the back, there are some books - one about making improvised stamps and a couple of Copic books.

Paperific purchases.
Well that's it. Now for a flurry of activity but first I have to feed Dixie (my B&W cat). Feel as though I'm staring into the eyes of The Stomach, and it's time for a little Sunday evening scotch, too. Daylight Saving ended last night which makes a mockery of Tummy Time today. Of course it was April Fools Day today so what would one do but mess about with the clocks. I managed to change them all with a great show, and then secretly change them again both backwards and forwards. Hoots of laughter and rushing from clock to clock, "Well what IS the time, REALLY?"

Yours in tomfoolery,


Carole M. said...

Hi Ros! You sure found some great goodies at the show; glad you made it there after the GPS led you astray. I wish we didn't need to change those clocks; I like to stick with nature's own clock! Look forward to seeing what you create with your morning-glory stamp too; one of my favourite old fashioned flowering vines

Jenny said...

Me too! I cant wait to see what you create - with those Aussie bush stamps. Of course, I couldn't go past those Die-Namics dies either (and a couple of other things) x

Bridget Larsen said...

I miss going to Paperific. Longer journey for me to make if I attempted it from Canberra. Love your stash, mine would have filled the table lol