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30 May, 2012

WOYWW No 156 Three years on...

Well what an interesting phenomenon - three years from the start of  Julia Dunnit's idea of sharing what's on the desk, we are still going. I'm a relative new-comer about a year ago and have so enjoyed the discussions, ideas, and friendships that have grown. The Wednesday desk jockeys are generous and funny as well. It's all to enjoy!

This weekend just past, I went to a local show called Picture to Page and met a few people I know. Bought a few bits and pieces - envelopes of various shapes and sizes, a couple of die-cuts and best of all, some Dylusion spray inks.

Main feature is the Dylusion Sprays
On the desk are some samples of the Dylusions that I bought, mounted on a page for my techniques journal. The top of the page is covered because it relates to WOYWW 156 ATC swap. On the left are a couple more versions of the StampScapes I started last week. The red sunset sky is done with a brayer and Kaleidacolour ink pad. On the right, is a little clip board and some buttons cut from a new CreaTables die set.

While on the end of the brayer, I made the patchy black & white card from black textured card brayered with white Gesso. Hope to use it for some interesting background.

Looking forward to this celebration of desk-hopping. Ab Fab idea, Julia. Hope your parents are fine, and the holiday is sunny and restful. Warm regards to all, especially my lovely followers and commenters.


23 May, 2012

WOYWW No 155 - re-organised at last

Greetings all. Had a busy time over the last couple of weeks with a lot of work which I enjoyed such a lot. Haven't lost my touch!  Hah!

Right now I'm very keen to share my new desk arrangements which I have been cogitating for the last few weeks. I now have a better space to work with and better access to small tools and current materials. This feverish intent to share the desk is explained over at Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground so follow the link to find out more.

I suppose this is something of a photo essay today, so enjoy it. It's a pleasure to be back.

This the key to it all. It's a beer can stacker for the refrigerator!!!
What a great Aussie invention put to much better use than taking up precious fridge space for stacking the Boyz Beer.

What you see ain't all. It expands! 

So, here it goes to nestle in the hutch at the end of the desk where the set of arty drawers used to be. Now I have stamps visible whilst they are in use or drying, and lots of my favourite ink pads and EPs in view. They no longer fall off that ridiculous cake stand that I tried out.

Here is the tidy desk, with the little red fire buckets all in reach too. Bliss!

Went to Office Works this morning and found this tray which adds a final touch.
Then this afternoon, I settled down to some work in my lovely refreshed space. I made these Stampscape pictures a while ago so will get along with making them into cards. I love using a combination of application tools including make-up sponges from the local el cheapo bulk shop, Colorbox stylus, and dabbers of various other kinds. The Stampscape Tonal Applicator is a must.

Stampscape coloured with Marvy Markers and Colorbox stylus.
Looking forward to wandering around the Stamping Ground ether this afternoon, and tomorrow. Happy days to all my recent and potential callers, and to my lovely followers.


10 May, 2012

Missed the WOYWW Boat This Week

What a week!  I've been working quite a lot this month with new and old clients coming out of the woodwork, and a couple of Public Speaking courses to run.

A couple of dear  WOYWW folk have wondered where I am this week so this post is by way of greetings and thanks to them. Thanks as well to everyone who came by last week. I get such huge pleasure from your comments.

For those of you who wondered where that handsome spider went, the short answer is, I don't know however he left my letterbox without knowing he's famous. No roof over one's head is a great discomfort - I left the lid open. The other question was about whether he is poisonous, and no, he isn't. He looks scary, and can give you a nip with those jaws but not enough to paralyse or do any more than some localised discomfort for a short time. I don't care to tangle with him, but I would never kill him unless he was damaged and seemed unable to survive. He has a really important job in the garden.

We've had a gloriously sunny day today, so here are a couple of photos of the garden whilst I had a cuppa.

The grape vine near the garage
The same vine but photographed with back lighting
The silly dragon who sits on a pile of Marigold and guards the vegetable patch
Hope you like a little autumnal colour instead of the workdesk. This planet is the most wonderous home.

02 May, 2012

WOYWW 152 and A Little Winter Warmth

It's been cold and wet lately, and even though this house is double-glazed and mud brick, it's still getting chilly by morning. So, the heating is On! Hydronic heating in the floor is sooooo gorgeous - soft warmth and pleasant on the toes.

And we are not the only ones wanting shelter from the elements. Look who's living in my letterbox. I gave him a poke and he was quite frisky, so I just left the lid up to discourage him which worked.

Huntsman spider in the letterbox.
On my desk is some "administration".  I (and some other people) would call it administrivia, however I really do lose the plot if I don't know what's in the stash. It also makes it very easy to choose a medium or a technique by thumbing through the stock book.

I've been enjoying using Liquid Pearls since I made the gum blossom cards, so decided to down-load the sheet from Ranger for recording my stock. There are lots of these sheets, and of course you can print off some web pages that show swatches or create your own Excel spreadsheet.

I bought a few bits and pieces from Little Bits today and here they are. I always like to record my purchases and then I take the book with me to shows.

If you wonder what this desk-hopping is about, hop over to Julia Dunnit's blog and check out What's On My Workdesk Wednesday.

Must away as I'm very late.
Happy days,