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10 May, 2012

Missed the WOYWW Boat This Week

What a week!  I've been working quite a lot this month with new and old clients coming out of the woodwork, and a couple of Public Speaking courses to run.

A couple of dear  WOYWW folk have wondered where I am this week so this post is by way of greetings and thanks to them. Thanks as well to everyone who came by last week. I get such huge pleasure from your comments.

For those of you who wondered where that handsome spider went, the short answer is, I don't know however he left my letterbox without knowing he's famous. No roof over one's head is a great discomfort - I left the lid open. The other question was about whether he is poisonous, and no, he isn't. He looks scary, and can give you a nip with those jaws but not enough to paralyse or do any more than some localised discomfort for a short time. I don't care to tangle with him, but I would never kill him unless he was damaged and seemed unable to survive. He has a really important job in the garden.

We've had a gloriously sunny day today, so here are a couple of photos of the garden whilst I had a cuppa.

The grape vine near the garage
The same vine but photographed with back lighting
The silly dragon who sits on a pile of Marigold and guards the vegetable patch
Hope you like a little autumnal colour instead of the workdesk. This planet is the most wonderous home.


Redanne said...

Hi Ros, nice to see you again. I didn't mean to be rude about your spider but I am just a little scared of them, the bigger, more scary but I would never kill one, ever. Still, glad he has left his comfortable home. Love your photos this week. Anne #2

RosA said...

Hi Ros,
Lovely to see those gorgeous autumn colours. We have huge (too huge) liquidambers in the street and now there is a very thick cover of autumn colour on the ground, as they start to fall. Very picturesque!
The weeks go so quickly, I find it very difficult to get to my blog more than once a week, but today, I have managed to do a little book review! Have a nice weekend!

Neesie said...

Hi Ros, I wondered where you had disappeared to, but nice to see you whenever ;D
I'm about to post some of my colour shots...what a fabulous week for weather and wonderful colours.
Maybe 'Sid the Spider' is heading over to my garden... I sure could use him keeping my garden in order!
Have a great weekend ~ enjoy :D

RosA said...

Hi again,
I have "Paper Transformed" by Julie Andrus. It's a great book, but I need to make more use of it.
Do you have that one?

Spyder said...

Lovely pictures, maybe we should have a what's in your garden Wednesday!