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02 May, 2012

WOYWW 152 and A Little Winter Warmth

It's been cold and wet lately, and even though this house is double-glazed and mud brick, it's still getting chilly by morning. So, the heating is On! Hydronic heating in the floor is sooooo gorgeous - soft warmth and pleasant on the toes.

And we are not the only ones wanting shelter from the elements. Look who's living in my letterbox. I gave him a poke and he was quite frisky, so I just left the lid up to discourage him which worked.

Huntsman spider in the letterbox.
On my desk is some "administration".  I (and some other people) would call it administrivia, however I really do lose the plot if I don't know what's in the stash. It also makes it very easy to choose a medium or a technique by thumbing through the stock book.

I've been enjoying using Liquid Pearls since I made the gum blossom cards, so decided to down-load the sheet from Ranger for recording my stock. There are lots of these sheets, and of course you can print off some web pages that show swatches or create your own Excel spreadsheet.

I bought a few bits and pieces from Little Bits today and here they are. I always like to record my purchases and then I take the book with me to shows.

If you wonder what this desk-hopping is about, hop over to Julia Dunnit's blog and check out What's On My Workdesk Wednesday.

Must away as I'm very late.
Happy days,


Neesie said...

I've never seen a Huntsman spider ~ although from now on I'll take care taking my post out of the letterbox!
You sound like you're very organised what with down-loading sheets and Excel spreadsheets.
Have fun ;D Neesie #22

Hazel said...

That spider would freak me out, I'm afraid! Very well organised with your spreadsheets - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

Samantha Elliott said...

EW!! You can keep that spider to yourself! I too have a little book to keep my list of colours or else I will keep buying the same pretty colours - I have three of one of my alcohol inks!! Oops!

Redanne said...

Oh my goodness Ros!!! That would surely give me heart failure, I think. I really love visiting Australia but I don't like big spiders or snakes so I am always on the lookout........however, love your organisation, wish I could be so dedicated. Anne x

kay said...

aw what a cute spider :)
fab organisation going on
have a fab crafty week and
happy woyww
kay #38

Hels Sheridan said...

He is gorgeous, what a beautiful specimen! I have never been scared of spideys but not sure I would like one of those red back jobbies that you have... might smart a bit lol

trisha too said...

You lost me at the spider. I don't even care what's on your workdesk at this point, it's what's in your letterbox that's got my attention!


May said...

O my word... I would need oxygen if I found that Huntsman... YIKES!!! Lovely organised desk with your spresdsheets, Hugs May x x x #32

Di said...

typing this standing on the desk here - eek!! Belated happy WOYWW Ros! Di xx #49

sandee said...

OK, that spider looks like he has some serious attitude problems going on! lol You are so organized, how do you do it? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

RosA said...

Hi Ros,
I try to keep track of my supplies like that too, but it it never up to date! I can cope with spiders, usually, but I do hope to never find a huntsman in my letterbox because I never look before I stick my hand in it.
Thanks for dropping by,

Queen Of Toys said...

I hate spiders and huntsmam spiders are so scary. Please don't post about them again, I really am not handling it well.

Eliza #19

Julia Dunnit said...

A hobo spider really,trying to warm himself under paper! Safer for him if he's not in the box, least there's food elsewhere. Youare so well disciplined in your organisation Ros, it must pay dividends. Only yesterday I loked at that vintage fence you're going to make me want to run out and get it!

Twiglet said...

Oh dear - I can't cope with spiders bigger than centimetre. Glad they don't lurk in my post box! x Jo

BumbleVee said...

ACCKKKKK!!!! As soon as I saw that spider...I scrolllled very quickly past him..... ick...hate spiders ... they make the hair on my neck and arms stand right up....yes...even tiny ones...


Di said...

Hi again Ros. Inserts for cards - yes I do trim just slightly smaller than the cards, it can vary though depending on my accuracy :) I mainly use 80 gsm normal printer paper for most, and a lot are left plain as they are sent to charities for sale. But, I always print something on Christmas card inserts as those are for our own use generally.

Special cards, and the likes of wedding invitation inserts, do get the 120gsm paper treatment :)

Hope this helps - have a great weekend - I'm back down off the desk now!

Di xx

JoZart said...

I love spiders and that is certainly a beautiful specimen but is it lethal? I had the amazing experience once to hold a rose tarantula ( which the owner assured me was safe) and we were eye to eye with each other. It's legs were covered in beige pink hairs.
Popping in after a really busy week to catch up on visits...
Love joZarty x

Anonymous said...

You'd hear me scream from here (upstate NY in the States) if I ever found one of those spiders in my mailbox -- yikes! I have two of those sheets -- for distress stains and distress inks -- hanging on my wall so I can remember what I have. Now I need one for distress markers. Yes, Ranger should truly just get direct deposit from my paycheck. lol

Happy WOYWW (woefully late) from Laura -- #183.

Sue said...

Your home sounds really cosy and spider obviously thinks so too!
I have a soft spot for spiders:)

Karen said...

I don't like or dislike spiders, but he is certainly a fab specimen, is it poisonous?? Great creative desk and I love the idea of your organizing book, what a clever idea.

Hugs, Karen xx

trisha too said...

Ros, where are you this week?

That spider got you, didn't he???


:)trisha woyww #155

Spyder said...

I seem to keep missing you, sorry! Only I know I've seen that picture, so mus've forgot to press the button! Happy VERY late woyww

Suzanne said...

Been having a snoop around your great blog and going to join, even though you do have pics of spiders that make my knees wobble! Love the drying rack in a previous post. Your cards are lovely. Suzanne