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22 June, 2012

Sunny yesterday, raining today...

Went walking on our beach yesterday before meeting friends for coffee at the local coffee shop called :The Boyz for Brekky". It's a favourite spot, and with a strong wind blowing, the best place to blow in for the regular weekly chat.

Looking across the yacht club and The Rocks restaurant towards Mills Beach
It was very windy up on the cliffs so maintaining a horizontal horizon was challenging. You can see lots of little bathing sheds lined up along Mills Beach in the distance. We walked to the far end of the bathing boxes and then came back on the cliff track.

Looking back to the Yacht Club, you can see how choppy it was.
I do like being out in the wind being blown around a bit, and the waves creating exotic dance moves on the shore. I was not the only thing with a mop of hair blown about. The sheokes were bowing and flowing with their tresses shaped like big dish mops.

The drooping sheokes (cassuarina stricta) were not drooping today!
Many of them are in flower. You might just discern a gold tinge on the tree - the flowers are very small and grow all the way down the long leaves. I'll add a close-up of the flowers very soon.

Happy days,


Redanne said...

Brilliant photos Ros, I can almost feel the wind........I can understand why you love to be out in it, especially with views like that. I live next to a beautiful mill pond but it doesn't have the same atmosphere! Anne x

Neesie said...

Oh that looks so familiar Ros, we've been walking along that beach many times. We also had wonderful fish and chips from that little cafe which has a photo of Hugh Jackman I'll keep coming back just in case he returns!
Love your photos. x said...

drooping sheokes wow Ros!