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18 July, 2012

WOYWW No 163. ATC Contagion.

Time to romp around the Desks of the World which is what we do on Wednesdays, lauching this activity from The Stamping Ground. Hop over and have a look.

Most exciting thing for me this week is receiving a surprise package of ATCs from RosA. I have said to her that she is my published ATC hero, (here in Oz) and she has added generosity to that reputation. Here is what came in the mail - thank you again, Roslyn. This was a real treat for my first exchange and now I'm addicted to these little art works.

There were nine ATCs packed in a plastic sleeve - this is the first six.
Here are the remaining three.
Of course, there are always things to learn and my first lesson from Roslyn's lovely work was to print the Card details on a separate label to adhere to the back of the ATC. The ones I sent to her look like six pen'th of cats meat on the back. The front is too lumpy to make a good stamp on the back of course! Daft bugger that I am!

Action Stations.
I've caught a colour blending bug - haven't we all? So I had a play with my new Dylusions and another stamp that I 'found' during my stock take. I used Post-it notes to mask the colour.

Finished card with 'hello' string sentiment from Darkroom Door.
Notice the gray pen on the right. This is a Copic Multi-liner with 0.5 nib. I used it extend the line from the hello sentiment because I wanted the hello bit nearer the bottom of the card. I experimented on the scrap paper to get a matching thickness. The finest of the Multi-liners is 0.01 which makes for impressive detail.

Welcome to Ryn who joined my little band of followers this week and thanks to you all.
Miles of smiles,


Helen said...

what fabulous atc's and the colouring looks great. have a good day. happy woyww, helen 22.

Judys Fabrications said...

Love those ATC's too.
Judy #27

Shoshi said...

Great post, Ros! It's lovely seeing what other people are doing with their Dylusions sprays, and this is particularly subtle and lovely - gret use of the pen to amend the stamp as well. I'm all for improvisation and thinking outside the box! I use similar pens to that for my zentangle art.

Ryn has just signed up to follow me, too! Her stamps are awesome. I've got the water droplets one "on order" - at least I shall be ordering it when they are back in stock! I love her work.

Great set of ATCs - I particularly love the one with the music (bottom left, 1st photo) and the oriental one (bottom right). Lovely subtle colours. I designed my own ATC back and can print and cut 9 from a sheet of A4. Easy Peasy to stick on once you are done!

ATCs are so much fun, especially swapping and making new friends. I love the discipline of working to such a small scale too, and always do experimental stuff at this size because a) if it goes right, you've got a nice background for a future ATC, and b) if it goes pear shaped, you haven't wasted much and it doesn't break the bank!

Thanks for your lovely comment. I managed to get ink on my laptop last night too! Dylusions are soooo messy but suuuuch fun lol!

Love your Gardener's Helper and Office Manager photos. They look as if they are working Really Hard to help you out lol!!

Just off to sign up to become a follower.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Redanne said...

Hi Ros, your new stash of ATCs are so lovely, great tip about the back, I learned the hard way too - lol. Love your hello card, the colours are so beautiful. Happy wOyWw, Anne x #9

Sue said...

We live and learn don't we:)
You have a lovely collection of ATCs here, lucky you.
I must the only one on the planet who is not into blending.

I don't have any patience and just settle for the first pot of paint that my eyes land on.

All my work is covered in white emulsion paint.

Clever; how you dealt with the 'Hello' issue....lovely work, Ros!
(May you forever be smiling.)

Anonymous said...

Yowza. What a lot of ATCs. I don't think I could pick a fave, they are all so lovely. I like how you extended the HELLO too, nifty trick worth remembering!


MA (1)

RosA said...

Ha! It's easy to get hooked on them, isn't it? I can never quite decide how I want to do the backs but that's a great stamp you've got for them!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I got hooked a long time ago on ATCs, but it took Julia's anniversary swap to renew my interest in these. I'm glad you are enjoying making these. Happy WOYWW from #6.

Nora CG said...

Beautiful ATC's , you are a very lucky girl... and love all the goodies in your desk.

Have a great day!


Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have one Copic multiliner pen (I think the 0.5). I just love it! I is perfect for adding more detail or to cover up that spot or two that didn't stamp well. Definitely I want to get some of the other widths.

Love the title ATC contagion-it made me laugh. So you've been infected, huh?! I love the variety of ATCs you received. That is one of the things that is so fun about them, how you can get such a variety. I'm really starting to like ATCs myself (before it was a love-hate thing).

Definitely if you are going to stamp on the back of your ATC do it before you decorate the front! Or add another piece onto the back. I've learned that lesson as well. I don't always remember that lesson but I have learned it!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

i like the way you've carried on the line into the word Hello and back to the line again - very clever!! Lovely colours on the card too :)
Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

trisha too said...

Well I can see why you like her atcs, they are wonderful indeed!

Can't blend colors nicely to save my life, too impatient--you're clearly very good at it!

:)trisha, #153, showing 2 desks this week :)

sandee said...

Looks like you are going into full ATC production! have fun with those inks, it's an addicting world we create in, isn't it? lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

Neesie said...

Fabulous ATC's Ros...what a wonderful collection. No wonder you're hooked.
I've yet to get the ATC bug because I'm not sure exactly what's involved but maybe over time I suppose I will.
Thanks for your lovely email by thwe way earlier in the week and I hope to answer you soon.
It's been a full on week yet again!
Thanks for popping over to my place ~ Neesie #13

EELS said...

Hi Ros - from the Gold Coast.
Love your work and I'm your latest follower.

Another WOYWWer offered to swap some ATC's with me a few weeks ago and I am really hooked on these now although I've only made the three so far that we swapped. Give me a holler if you'd like to swap and I'll have another go at some.

I love the stamp you have for the details, did you design/make that?

Cheers for now, Elaine #23

Di said...

Brilliant ATCs Ros - and your work in progress is just stunning.

Laughed about the six pennorth of cats meat :)

Belated Happy WOYWW. Di xx #10

Eliza said...

It is lovely when you get a surprize like that in the mail, lovely atc's they are too. Yep mid week to keep me going, I did originally start to get me intouch with other artist all around the world, because of being out of it. Now i am addicted LOL Mid week was ment to be better for me as i work most weekends and end of weeks, but then i forgot I actually work voluntary work on wednesdays too. Ah wouldn't give it up for the world, well maybe if I was touring it. LOL

I do love to use any paper possible to mask, I grab and ole scrap that is hanging around at the time, hate waste. LOL

Beautiful weather pity it is day stuff. LOL

Eliza #11 again

Anonymous said...

What an amazing parcel to receive Ros, and it just goes to show, we're never too old to learn something! I should really learn a bit more about shading and blending, always looks so cool when other peeps do it.

Brenda 8

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your visit, Ros, and for your lovely comments too. Thanks also for the info re the heat tools. My original one is one speed only - hot! It's done me really well and will continue to do so, but it's like a cyclone as you say! I'm assuming the gentle one is one speed only, too. Now I'm moving into so many different areas I think I neeeeed one lol!!

Shoshi #3

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Ros, ah you have been having fun haven't you great atc's by Ros way to go! love the masking too!
I was sorting things in my craft room when found my "Stampscapes ideas how to" cards from this post here:

I found I had not given the doubles away as I thought - as you had entered and were drawn would you please email me your address?
My email is found here (could not find yours, sorry):

Then can post these off to you without any further delay - sorry for delay already, thanks so very much, Shaz in Oz.x

donnalouiserodgers said...

what a fantastic gift, I am loving seeing the ATCs continue to emerge, it really doesn't matter if you get a cat meat back - I sometimes do quite shoddy signatures on the back myself - and have never had a complaint about it, ,
dx ( return visit)

SueH said...

Oh wow Ros, what an impressive stash of ATC’s and all so different. I’ve never really got into ATC’s myself, in fact the few that I made for WOYWW anniversary were my first ever.

Great job with the masking and stamping on the card, I love the colour combination you’ve used.

Thanks for visiting this week and………

Happy Crafting!

Neet said...

What a lovely set of atc's you have now. You need to get something to keep them all in - have you seen the pockets that hold quite a few that you put in an A4 ring binder?
Love how you have used that stamp - the orange and yellow looks so warm and inviting.
Have a good weekend - Hugs, Neet xx 71

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Love them ATC's and what a gorgeous card!

Carola Bartz said...

I love ATCs and you have a fabulous stack of them there.

VonnyK said...

Love those ATC's. Mine look terrible on the back as I hand write them, I think I should do a print like you. The colour blend you did was fabulous and the colours are perfect. The pens are great, I use the microns.
Have a great week, sorry I'm late.
Von #44

kay said...

what fabulous atcs,enjoy them
thanks for visiting me and sorry i am late
kay #65