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01 August, 2012

WOYWW No 165. This 'n' That

Here's the desk hopping brigade again. D'you think they might put us in the Olympics next time? We are a band of Leapers Supreme starting with Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground. If you're interested in this crafty activity, follow the link to Stamping Ground and then the world! (more-or-less).

This Wednesday, I had a collection of Distress Re-inkers that arrived in the mail yesterday from Stampin' Stuff. They have a terrific web site with a shopping cart that's easy to use and has back-in-stock notification.

Mini misters, here we come!
After putting all those away (listed of course....well, I just chopped up the packing slip and stuck it in the book, din I), I added a stamp I bought to the newly completed Stamp Inventory. Oh how I love to skite occasionally.  Anyway, it's quite a nice ATC Details stamp that I'm pleased with. Here 'tis.
The new stamp is in green beside the pen.
And here's another page to show off about. Really I'm just so pleased it's done because it bored me silly. Worth all the time though because it helps the mojo when the ideas are buried a bit deeply.

All flowers on these pages.
I also recently acquired a Dylusions stencil so thought I'd have a play. Combined with my recent masking efforts, it seemed to suggest lattice so I looked for something that would work as a vine. Here is the messing about part of designing. The Post-it notes last longer when sprayed with workable sealant. Finished version at the end of the week.

The stamp is a nameless sweetie that I bought at Bellbird Paperarts years ago. Stencil is top left. Post-it notes as masks.
Enjoy your Desk Drive, and the rest of the Olympics. I heard on the radio the other day that in this country (Australia) the Olympics have lost the "O" and become the London Lympics.

See you soon,


LuLu said...


I like your desk - looks pretty tidy to me! I want some inks too! Great job on the stencil.

Hope you can stop by mine when you have a moment or 2.


YoriとYayie said...

I'm so jealous of your reinkers hehehe... the new stamp is absolutely gorgeous
#45 Riya

Redanne said...

I do wish I could be half as organised as you are Ros, would love to have all those re-inkers your stencilling, it looks beautiful. I am glued to the Olympics and just having a quick hop round.......Anne x #58

Anonymous said...

Loving the stamp and the stencil! I have stamps that are 20 years old that I still go back to :)

I'll be back at the end of the week to see it done!

MA (8)

Eliza said...

Looks like you have a great collection of distress inkers there. Love the catalogue of stamps, it is great to have as this is how mine have been for years and it works all the time and yes helps the imagination thrive when the mojo is low. LOL

Happy crafting this week.
Eliza #16 again

Sheilagh said...

That is a fabulous collection of re inkers you have there I can see great play times coming:0).

What a great idea your Stamp Invetory is, must do something like that, when I have got a week

Sheilagh 93

Sandy said...

Love your stamp inventory what a great idea. look at all your inky goodness. Your flower is lovely so delicate. Sandy :) #43

Twiglet said...

Those little mini misters look useful. Happy Yorkshire Day! x Jo

kay said...

so many reinkers,you will be having fun,i only have 3 so far,liking how you are using the stencil
have a super woyww
kay #82

mamapez5 said...

A lovely organised desk with everything to hand (Well maybe not everything!) I love the stencil and stamp work. I catalogue my stash too. It helps when I think I have something but I'm not sure. That probably points to the fact that I 'have' too much! Still I actually find the stamping and labelling in the folders quite theraputic. Kate#100

Shoshi said...

Lovely post, Ros - full of interest! I love getting new stash, don't you?

Great effect with the stencil - don't forget to keep the deliciously inked post-it notes and recycle them in other art! Lol! (I'm really into this recycling lark now ROFL!)

Thanks for your lovely comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed my projects. When I didn't have a photo of my desk I wondered if it was worth posting, but it did develop into something a bit more worthwhile!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #7

Shoshi said...

PS Ros, just noticed your last para about the "London Lympics" ROFL!! Love it. I suppose the "O'lympics" would be Irish!!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, you'd get a Gold Medal for organisation, that's for sure!! It's a brilliant idea and good for inspiration as you say. Love the word 'skite' - is it slang for cutting the corners? LOL
Thanks for the birthday wishes - I have been very spoiled by my family. I'm a very lucky girl :D
Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

Trish Latimer said...

Wow, great reinker stash there Ros!!! Trish #10

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I'm quite the fan of post it notes for various crafting endeavors myself. I never thought about spraying them to get more mileage out of them. The stamp guide is a neat idea. I started one when I first started stamping but I am one to procrastinate and would forget to put them in. Then I started selling off or trading in some stamps making my guide be full of cross-outs. I decided I didn't really need a guide. It -is- very helpful for sparking your creativity though. I'll definitely give you that.

Glenda said...

I love your work space and don't you just love those inks! Happy WOYWW! Glenda 93

scrappymo! said...

Looks great;. I catalogue min too and agree that it is so much easier to find a stamp.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Me again! I am incredibly interested in words - all sorts of idioms and meanings. I've lived all around the UK and the richest source of 'alternative' English was Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East. There were many words in common usage that directly stem from the Scandinavian languages..the Vikings invaded that area frequently and the words are still there!! Some of my favourite Geordie-isms (Geordie is slang for a Newcastle person)
Bait - food, usually lunch
Clart - if you're in the clart, you're up sh*t creek without a paddle
Gan yem - lit. going home
Canny - good
Canny hinny - good looking girl
Bairn - child
Howay - used for exclaiming!
Howay the lads - football cheer
Howay Man - get away with you, used regardless of sex!
My son has got the bug. He came home from school and told me about the word defenestration - the act of killing someone by throwing them out of the window!! Seriously, look it up :D
I think you and I should have a word of the week section on WOYWW!!
LLJan xx

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your visit, Ros - and glad you appreciated the Irish O'Lympics lol!!

Shoshi #7

Neet said...

Thanks for your good wishes, I am doing fine but still incapacitated with arm movements.
Love that new stencil you bought and what you have done with it gorgeous shade of blue.
I must be honest re the book - I have let mine slide. I want to set it out differently but the job is such a big one ...
Hugs, Neet xx

EELS said...

G'day Ros, I am so behind with my visiting woyww desks this week. Thanks for your visit/comment re my reunion cards.

First off I had to laugh about LLJ's confusion about the word skite ha ha ha ha....we aussies know what it means hey.

I agree about Stampin' Stuff, I've bought lots from them in the past.

D'you know I only have one reinker, not sure how to use it though?

I like your stamp catalogue system, mine is similar but I have the stamps in the binder too, might post a pic next week.

One last question, where did you get the ATC ingo stamp please?

Cheers, Elaine #22

Judys Fabrications said...

Love that trellis lo.great neat.
Thanks for the nice comment on my makings this week.
Judy #20

May said...

Wow... you are so organised Love it!! GREAT idea with the stamp cataloque Brillant!! I have reinker envy.. looking at your fabulous desk... Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x

Helen said...

Hi Ros thanks for popping by. Great Idea to catalogue your stamps in this way (one for the getting organised list!) I have yet to make a spray using Distress reindeers. I think that is the next lesson on my 101 tutorials in fact. Looks like you are going to have a fab collection!! Happy Spraying! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 19

VonnyK said...

So many inks, you must have a lot of stamp pads. I love that book that you are putting together, now that's dedication. The lattice looks fab, very clever using the post it notes. I'm always in awe of what everyone makes on WOYWW. You are all so clever.
Have a great week.
Von #35

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Ros yes have been missing form WOYWW for few weeks while doing craft room and maybe next week cos am going to Syd Dr's Monday and so maybe unwell after that as it always knocks me up.
Two weeks ago I tried asking you to email - have just worked out how to send one to you - instead..
Have you noticed how Google has messed up the email links in Your Profile - unless you have a Google account, Yahoo or an Outlook one, it wont open up.I have a rarely used Google one so ended up having to use it but very very annoying.
I love your desk and all the very yummy goodies yes so agree about how things change - they change so much!
Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #43

House of Bears said...

We love the stamp inventory idea and will work on one for ourselves over the next few days. Love your new stencil too, we justmbout two Tando Creative stencils. Such fun.

The bears #98

Sue said...

You seem to be having a lovely play.
I like your idea of putting the stamps in a file so you can see what you have got.
The design on your desk is lovely too. At the moment I am cutting up paper, making a mess and getting glue everywhere. Oh to be organised like you!

Freesias and violets are well worth having...I can smell the perfume from here. Not quite sure what whattles are, but I'll look them up.

We are having a cool summer, for which I am immensely grateful.
Love from a showery England.