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29 August, 2012

WOYWW No the skin of my teeth

Hello WOYWW folks, visitors and Followers. Hope the week is going well. It's sunny this afternoon here and I feel it's a terrible day to be stuck at the desk doing work work. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments, replies and a couple of new followers, Shirley and Butttons a week ago. Welcome.

I didn't manage to visit many people last week and the same will happen again this week. I will certainly be along to those who leave me comments and as many more as possible, then expect to be back to normal next Wednesday.

Getting the training day prepared for U3A - still truckin'
This desk picture pertains to What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday but it's an unusual desk this week. The familiar tools and bottles are at the back but the paper warfare has crept into pride of place. 

By way of explanation, a mob of us from many countries leap around to see each other's desks starting with the Stamping Ground over at the Dunnit Establishment. Go there to discover more.

Yesterday I went to another little workshop at Bellbird Paper Arts and did some simple and lovely card-making with Heather and a group of delightful women.  Heather is famous ;-)  because her photo and some of her work were in a recent stamping magazine here.  I bought a lovely stamp by Memory Box called Night Cat and couldn't resist stamping him. I took the idea for this little practice piece from a card at Bellbird by Lenise. I love the stamp and look forward to doing more with it. A little masking and some hammered texture card makes an interesting effect and it gave me a break from the preparation.

This reminds me of the poems by Don Marquis, "archie and mehitabel".  The latter is a well-bred alley cat.

If you want to know more about archie and mehitabel, just google that phrase and it will come up. The poems are just gorgeous to read out loud with lots of expression. It takes practice though as there is no punctuation or capitalising. You see, archie is a cockroach who writes the poems on the boss' type-writer at night. He jumps onto the keys with his head but can't manage the shift key as well naturally. His philosophies remain in the type-writer for the boss to read in the morning. He often writes about mehitabel who is a well-bred alley cat with an outrageous and raunchy past. "Life is just one kitten after another".

Well that's it for now. Gotta run to the printer for the course workbooks.

Sunny smiles,

26 August, 2012

Stamps arrived from Ryn

Thank you Ryn.

My parcel of stamps arrived in yesterday's post (Friday) and I'm so delighted. After our lost in the mail saga, they have arrived safe and sound. I want to mention the misadventure only because you have been the exemplary business woman in handling it. I am very impressed with your problem-solving, your customer service and your kind patience. I wish for you that all your customer relationships are as cordial and trusting as this has been for me. It may not always be, however it is my wish. Thanks again.

Dear Reader, are you wondering what was in the parcel? Here are my lovely new stamps, deeply etched and smoothly cut out on the foam mounts. Most importantly, they are designed by Ryn Tanaka in Canada and deliciously different. They are all from the sea theme and I'm really happy with them.

Here are links to Ryn's web site and her to fairly new blog here.

The droplets are here, along with seaweed, foam, turtle, mermaid and reedy sea dragon.
I love reedy sea dragons. They are quite common along the coast of South Australia and western Victoria.When I met one the first time, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was like meeting a delicate dream creature. And watching turtles transform from arkward lumbering things on land into an elegantly patterned frisbee that flies off into the blue is such a thrill. Did you think I was born in the sign of Pisces?

Miles of smiles,

22 August, 2012

WOYWW No 168 Spring has Sprung...

Remember that silly rhyme from school? It's not Spring officially until 1st September but it feels like it.

Spring has sprung, the grass is rizz.
I wonder where the birdies is.
Some say the birds is on the wing
But that's absurd.
The wings is on the bird.

It's remarkable how the most unromantic things can connect with the most wonderous and romantic. I have just put the bins out for rubbish collection tomorrow, and the moon was a brilliant crescent in a black sky full of stars. I thought of the lines in  Alfred Noyes' poem "The Highwayman".

The wind was a torrent of darkness tossed among gusty trees
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.

No wonder I needed to escape from the city to find 5 million star accommodation. Without the light pollution, the Magellan clouds are clear, the silver light is beautiful and it inspires passions that make getting older seem unlikely. Spring has sprung and the blood in my veins is running amok.

Miss Dixie checks out the daffs and wall flowers.

Plum blossom and lavender. Last year the possums eat all the buds so we had no plums. This year they have more choice so home made plum jam will be back in the larder.
There's nowt on my desk but course work for the University of the Third Age where I am facilitating a course for the tutors about session planning and presentation skills in a couple of weeks. It's quite a lot of work and time is running short but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone who left wonderful comments and to my followers, both new and established. Welcome to everyone with an interest in the world of art and ideas, particularly as found in this weekly event called What's On My Workdesk Wednesday. If you would like to understand more about this desk hopping, follow the link to Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground.

Bliss-ings to all,

15 August, 2012

WOYWW No 167. A new artist's journal

Greetings All.

Here we are again on the weekly round of desks starting with Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground. Follow the link to see desks and tools, people and their ideas from many parts of the world.

This week I have my new journal on the desk. I went to a workshop with my long-time supplier up in Melbourne, Kathy. She has a few people who run very pleasant and instructive workshops which I enjoy and this Saturday was exceptionally good. Kathy has wanted to run an Artist's Journal class for ages. Roll on the rest of the classes.

I've been making notes about what we did and putting some finishing touches that there was not time to fiddle with. The journal is made with rag paper and was supplied as part of the class. We created four pages in which we explored some materials and techniques. You can see the journal standing in this photo which shows the rough edges of hand-pulled paper. To the left is a greeting card and some other cards illustrating StampScapes sent to me by Shaz in Oz. Thank you most kindly! On the right are a couple of purchases - the Penny Black stamp used in the journal, a Cuttle Hug, and some little cheap'n'cheerful stamps.
Journal surrounded by Shaz' cards, new stamps, and the usual melee of things within reach.
Here is a close-up of one of the pages we did using 200gsm watercolour paper, the Penny Black stamp, Twinks, Distress Markers and Lyra crayons. It was great fun, and went over time since this was the 'road test' for it. Did we mind? Note the colour key on the opposite page. Love this.
One of the journal pages

All the best for the week until next time.

08 August, 2012

WOYWW No 166.

Greetings Stampers and all.

Wednesday has swung around again and that's the day when a group of international Desk Jockies visit each others desks. Our starting point is Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground so follow the link and join the fun.

On Monday I went up to town and called in at Bellbird Paperarts to get some card and just look-see. (Hur hur hur.)

Came away with a lovely set of stamps of fern leaves by Flourishes - but there's a sting in the fine print. Here is the first of the ferns on a card, not yet assembled but on the way. The butterfly is just sitting there.

The usual desk, with the new fern leaf stamps.
I'm very happy with these stamps, fine definition and lovely design, but not so happy with the rather limited Angel policy. They allow any amount of hand-stamped design for personal use but not for sale or reproduction as usual, but they specifically prohibit giving away or swapping of works made with them. And I've just been bitten with the ATC bug so I feel a bit miffed.

Hope you're enjoying the week at the half way point.

05 August, 2012

Trellis and Vine

Last Wednesday on WOYWW, I showed on my desk the beginning of a design using a Dylusions stencil and a stamp I've had for ages that could pass for a vine. Here is the first completed card - I enjoyed refining it and feel certain there are more to come.

Trellis and Vine
The background is applied to hammered card stock with Distress salty ocean and mowed lawn. I used both masking and the stencil for this.

The main vine image diagonally across the card is embossed with Detail Black, coloured with Twinks and Liquid Pearls Flamingo. The other vines are stamped with Memento London Fog to make them recede and coloured with Lyra crayons. I edged the piece with mowed lawn then matted on light green metallic card.

Happy days,

04 August, 2012

Mid-winter Flowers

Greetings all. This is just a little garden meander for your interest.

The wattles are starting to come out. I always know that we are just passing the the middle of winter when the gardens, the road verges and the bush is punctuated with startling yellow. It's gorgeous. Acacias form a huge botanical family with many growth habits but for me the tiny yellow pom-poms are just beautiful.

A Snowy River Wattle just starting to show itself amongst the ti-tree in the bush part of my garden.  

A close-up of the lovely wattle pom-poms.
 One of the flowering gums is coming out which is a delight to the wattle birds who love the nectar and the black cockatoos who love the gumnuts.

Here is the yellow gum which paradoxically has red flowers.
 In a previous post I mentioned that the Thryptomene was out and looking beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures to show you how it looks. Imagine the sight in western Victoria in the Grampians, a chain of mountains running north-south for about 120 Km. Thryptomene is indigenous to this area and it grows en masse, a sea of white and in some places, pink.
Thryptomene in the garden...
...and on the book case beside the Ribbon Seller. The pink flower is a particularly pretty grevillea.
Hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of my winter garden.
Miles of smiles,

01 August, 2012

WOYWW No 165. This 'n' That

Here's the desk hopping brigade again. D'you think they might put us in the Olympics next time? We are a band of Leapers Supreme starting with Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground. If you're interested in this crafty activity, follow the link to Stamping Ground and then the world! (more-or-less).

This Wednesday, I had a collection of Distress Re-inkers that arrived in the mail yesterday from Stampin' Stuff. They have a terrific web site with a shopping cart that's easy to use and has back-in-stock notification.

Mini misters, here we come!
After putting all those away (listed of course....well, I just chopped up the packing slip and stuck it in the book, din I), I added a stamp I bought to the newly completed Stamp Inventory. Oh how I love to skite occasionally.  Anyway, it's quite a nice ATC Details stamp that I'm pleased with. Here 'tis.
The new stamp is in green beside the pen.
And here's another page to show off about. Really I'm just so pleased it's done because it bored me silly. Worth all the time though because it helps the mojo when the ideas are buried a bit deeply.

All flowers on these pages.
I also recently acquired a Dylusions stencil so thought I'd have a play. Combined with my recent masking efforts, it seemed to suggest lattice so I looked for something that would work as a vine. Here is the messing about part of designing. The Post-it notes last longer when sprayed with workable sealant. Finished version at the end of the week.

The stamp is a nameless sweetie that I bought at Bellbird Paperarts years ago. Stencil is top left. Post-it notes as masks.
Enjoy your Desk Drive, and the rest of the Olympics. I heard on the radio the other day that in this country (Australia) the Olympics have lost the "O" and become the London Lympics.

See you soon,